Wine Coolers Reviews Expands To Include Other Wine Gadgets Including Openers and Aerators

WineCoolers.Reviews has expanded their mission to cover more new wine gadgets than ever before, including electronic bottle openers, aerators and more.

San Francisco, CA -- February 1, 2016 (FPRC) -- Wine is one of the finer things in life, and thanks to international production, wine now comes in near infinite varieties, allowing individuals to explore a whole world of color, flavor and sensation. Finding out more about wine, and how to best enjoy it, inevitably leads to a thirst for knowledge about how to serve wine, and Wine Coolers Reviews was first created to help people serve it at the perfect temperature. After years of productive reviews, they have now expanded their remit to include wine gadgets like openers, aerators and more.

A wine aerator helps break open the flavors in the wine by exposing the tannins to a greater amount of oxygen, helping people get a fuller flavor experience straight from the bottle. Their best wine aerators editorial includes a guide to five wine aerators that each use a unique method to expose the wine to air on its way into the glass.

Equally, the website has created content on electronic wine openers, which includes the top five rated products, demonstrating everything from lever operated corkscrews to electronic all in one devices which include foil cutting.

A spokesperson for Wine Coolers Reviews explained, “We understand that there is far more to the full wine experience than just temperature, and that individuals who like to share wine with friends over dinner parties also want the latest accessories to be able to augment the ceremony and experience of the pour, as well as being interesting conversation pieces. The items are all beautifully designed as well as being fully functional, so they will complement any home in their own right. We plan to continue diversifying our content in this way, to become the authority on all wine accessories, not just the best wine coolers.”

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