Dev Listings Launches New iOS App Development Service For iPhone Integration

Dev Listings have specialised in web and android app development, and have now mastered the art of iOS development for apple devices.

San Francisco, CA -- February 3, 2016 (FPRC) -- Technology is always accelerating, and the way individuals interact with it also changes rapidly. Businesses that fail to keep pace with these changes in behaviour will lose business as a result, and the latest shift is in the use of apps. Businesses with apps increase accessibility, engagement and lifetime customer value. Developing an app in house is almost impossible for companies working outside the IT industry. Fortunately, Dev Listings create incredible apps in a fast, affordable and responsive culture, and can now create apps for iPhone as well as for Android and online use.

Having started as a web design and development company, Dev Listings soon expanded into a digital agency that mastered strategic online marketing and design for the 21st century. Now, they have introduced app development for online software and android devices, and have finally expanded to cover iOS, arguably the largest operating system currently in operation on mobile devices.

The iOS development company announcement has been supplemented by a wide range of resources on the site demonstrating to companies how these apps can help to increase their turnover thanks to the interactivity, accessibility, and ability to send individuals notifications direct to their mobile devices promoting special offers and more.

A spokesperson for Dev Listings app development explained, “We do nothing less than extraordinary work for our clients, that includes but is not limited to unique user experiences, award-winning and custom web solutions, eCommerce management, coding magic and most of all – translating strategy into the digital realm. Apps have been an essential element adding a fourth dimension to the way companies interact with their customers, and with Apple iPhones being the most popular in the world, we understood we needed to cover this essential side of the market. Now we have mastered this, we are the first true full-spectrum digital strategy consultancy.”

About Dev Listings: Dev Listings combine creativity, knowledge and experience as the ultimate skill mix, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary through next level app development. From developers to designers, CSS nerds to visual brand ambassadors, they work as pioneers of the new Web revolution – one that has transformed the field of business and one that can transform client brand reality. For more information please visit:

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