MulPix Upgrades Their Advanced Instagram Search To Permit Search Using Multiple Hashtags

MulPix users can now search Instagram with multiple hashtags, allowing them to cross reference their searches for unbeatable specificity when perusing Instagram’s content library.

San Francisco, CA -- February 22, 2016 (FPRC) -- Instagram is the fastest growing social media phenomenon out there today, and individuals are finding themselves obsessed with the image sharing platform, which allows people to cultivate a following, share their life experiences in the moment, and enable people to find stunning images. MulPix is a new platform for searching the Instagram content library, which helps people find images posted by anyone on Instagram using advanced search features. Their latest addition has been to include the ability to search for pictures in posts using multiple hashtags, allowing for a new level of search specificity when browsing the immense content available.

The website has been growing quickly in popularity after their recent launch, and the ability to search for multiple hashtags and cross reference trends and interests was one of the most common requests from early users. The developers have responded rapidly to the request and the new feature is now available, enabling people to search for pictures that combine any number of hashtags.

The Instagram Search website already enables keyword searches used on sites like Google as well as geo-located search targeting to improve specificity, and now helps people use hashtags, which allow people to align their posts with trends and movements, to improve still further the way people find images from Instagram.

A spokesperson for MulPix explained, “We are pleased to be able to introduce this new feature so quickly after our launch, and we hope it speaks to our dedication to continually develop the most dynamic Instagram search function available anywhere online. Instagram itself does not support anything but the most rudimentary searches, and users have attested that this inhibits the enjoyment they get from the site. That’s why we created MulPix, and why we continue to improve it to offer users the ultimate Instagram search service. We look forward to seeing new users using these new features very soon.”

About MulPix: Mulpix is a highly advanced Instagram search engine that enables individuals to find the images from across the whole Instagram content library. The tool is a fun way to explore Instagram and find images that include detailed specifics, as well as helping users find new people to follow according to their shared interests. For more information please visit:

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