Paypro Finance Launches their Consumer Financing for Small Business Program

In hopes of providing small to medium-sized businesses with a customer financing solution, an innovative new company has put a refreshing spin on traditional financing options.

Atlanta , GA -- March 7, 2016 (FPRC) -- Introduced in January 2016, Atlanta-based Paypro Finance has proudly launched their impressive yet flexible solution that enables small to medium-sized businesses to offer financing to customers who are making a purchase. The Paypro Finance customer financing program is officially available across the country, in all 50 states.

On the whole, customer financing can be very beneficial for small businesses. By advertising a low monthly payment, businesses can attract more customers, gain new leads from their websites and increase their conversion rates. Offering customer financing also gives small businesses the chance to distinguish themselves from the competition. Most importantly, it can lead to overall increased sales and provide better growth revenue.

Unfortunately, there are very few customer financing solutions in the United States that cater to small and medium-sized businesses that have low numbers of loan transactions. Paypro Finance aims to fill that niche.

“We believe in giving everyone the tools they need to succeed.” stated a Paypro Finance representative. “We strive to provide good customer service throughout the loan payment processes so that our sellers continue to be seen in a good light.”

“Our consumer financing for small business program was designed to be as simple and painless as possible.” continued the representative. “With low fixed rates and special 0% interest offers, small businesses can attract new customers and increase their average ticket size if they are willing to offer customer financing. Ultimately, they will increase their customer’s purchasing power and create larger sales.”

Despite only being launched earlier this month, Paypro Finance is quickly making an unprecedented name for themselves in the customer financing industry. The core of Paypro Finance is their consumer application and approval process.

Offering one fast and easy application procedure for all consumers, Paypro Finance provides consumers with the ability to apply for financing in private from their phone or any other device. They also have the option of checking their rates online before applying.

After the application is submitted, the consumer will receive an instant approval and will be presented with the best available financing option. Since Paypro Finance approves more customers than most standard customer financing companies, they also save businesses from having to endure the awkward decline conversation with customers.

The entire Paypro Finance process is 100% paperless. After finalizing the details, the online platform will generate a financing agreement for the customer to electronically sign. Once this process is complete, the customer can take what they purchased and the business will get funded directly.

To find out more information about the customer financing program by Paypro Finance and to see how they compare with standard banks, visit their website directly at

About Paypro Finance: Paypro Finance enables small businesses to grow by offering consumer financing to their customers. Their financing programs work for every type of customer that walks into a store or office, no matter what their credit history is. The financing is completely hands off, with the responsibility for reclaiming the money remaining with Paypro, making it a worry free service. For more information please visit:

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