UK Family Returns Home After Epic 25,000 Mile Motorhome Trip

Sell My Motorhome Talks the Family that Redefined Getting Away from it All

July 27, 2016 (FPRC) -- An adventurous family from the United Kingdom has given new meaning to the phrase ‘getting away from it all’ by taking the entire group (including the dog) on an epic 25,000-mile motorhome trip through 12 countries. The Hurst family finally arrived back in the UK after hitting the road in their trusty Swift Escape 696, in order to tackle a personal project they’d called ‘Face2Facebook’.

It’s fair to say this is one group hat got well and truly bitten by the travel bug. Their initial intention was to take a trip not only discovering new places, but actually paying visits to the friends and family on Facebook they’d normally only interact with online. But when they returned, the decision was made to head out on an even longer trip, which meant yanking their eldest from school, temporarily replacing his classroom lessons with home-schooling and all from the comfort of a campervan!

The only question being – which of the endless places they visited do the Hurst family enjoy the most?’

The South of France
“France offers the warmest welcome to motorhomers due to its amazing network of 'aires' - special motorhome overnight parking areas that are usually provided by local authorities, or sometimes by enterprising locals. Complete with services to empty waste and fill up with fresh water, most are free or cost just a few euros for water and electricity.” The Hurst Family

The trip taken by the Hurst family highlights just how many incredible opportunities for exploration are right there on the UK’s doorstep.

Northern Spain
“The green north of Spain is definitely worth a visit. We took the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Santander and visited the cities of Bilbao, Gijon and Santiago de Compostela, which are all splendid. There are miles of unspoilt beaches to explore, much like those in our West Country - and the area is just as verdant, thanks to its rainfall. Close by was one of the most beautiful, sparkling white-sanded coves, which we had all to ourselves. The next night we stayed by the stunning Playa de Frexulje beach, next to a eucalyptus forest.” The Hurst Family

With the rising cost of package holidays, experts believe that a growing proportion of British families will begin exploring these kinds of self-managed holidays. Though perhaps, not quite reaching the 25,000-mile mark!

“Although Morocco is in Africa, most travel insurance covers Morocco under 'Europe' - yet there still seems to be a reluctance among many of the huge British motorhome community that makes southern Spain their base every winter to take the hour-long ferry from Algeciras to Tangier.” The Hurst Family

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