Announcing Limitless Bio Health Superior Quality Supplements On-line

Exciting announcement of the launch of Limitless Bio Health a company that creates a superior quality supplement superstore on-line to serve the health, wellness, and fitness needs of an upscale consumer market desiring excellent quality vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals and nootropic to maintain and increase vitality, wellbeing, luxury lifestyle, happiness and satisfaction.

August 30, 2016 (FPRC) --

Emmy-Nominated Producer, Entrepreneur and Executive Coach, Adam Gilad, in partnership with Michael Shenher, Entrepreneur, Founder, Environmentalist, are thrilled to announce the launch of their new company, Limitless Bio Health, Inc.

Limitless Bio Health is a product and lifestyle brand that makes a fierce stand for purity of ingredients, health and vitality, wellness and fitness, truth, transparency, love, daring greatly, playing big, playing bold, la dolce vita, evolving consciousness - and anything that supports and supplies a lifestyle of freedom, vitality and the breaking of stodgy old rules and self limiting habits that prevent our customers’ and community’s greatness, dammit!

As the curtain is finally being pulled back, revealing the toxic, contaminated, diluted and genetically-altered ingredients in popular food, beverages and big-brand “vitamins,” Limitless Bio Health eagerly leaps in to the arena, committed to capturing both the huge demand in the market and the broader culture for high-quality, immaculate health supplements and products.

Drawing from their extensive experience in media and marketing, Gilad and Shenher are committed to providing a steady stream of life-enhancing information across all social media and through LBH’s web portal.

LBH is located both in outdoorsy Kalowna, British Columbia – named as the most fit city in Canada -and Los Angeles, and is strategically positioned to access and test the finest quality natural health ingredients while keeping our finger on the pulse of the style, media and innovation lifestyle capital of the world.

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