ClaimVantage Announces Life and Health Claims Processing Solution ClaimFirst

ClaimFirst is an automated, cloud-based Life and Health claims processing solution.

September 7, 2016 (FPRC) -- The leading international provider of Life, Health, and Absence claims management solutions, ClaimVantage, is proud to announce ClaimFirst, the company’s core Life and Health claim system. Featuring the signature attributes of all ClaimVantage solutions, ClaimFirst is a cloud-based software solution equipped with cutting-edge functionality and automated processing technology. Built to support both group and individual benefits, ClaimFirst is designed to streamline the claims management process for insurance carriers, employers and Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) around the globe.

Over the past twelve months, four insurance carriers across two continents have made the transition to ClaimFirst. With a timely 90-day initial implementation period, ClaimFirst supports customers in meeting their specific business needs to add functionality and benefits incrementally. ClaimFirst is a scalable and flexible solution that supports a wide variety of benefits, including disability, income protection, accident, life insurance, waiver of premium and several voluntary benefits.

ClaimFirst uses built-in workflow rules to automate each step of the claim life cycle, from intake to adjudication through to payments. ClaimFirst is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing third party solutions, allowing customers to import key information from multiple systems and ensure claim data is always up to date.

To facilitate user accessibility and reduce call center dependency, ClaimFirst features a convenient mobile app that allows claimants to create a claim using any pre-approved mobile device. ClaimFirst provides real-time syncing to the mobile app, ensuring the claimant is always viewing the most current claim information. The mobile app also allows supervisors to review claim data, create a new claim, and generate reports all from a mobile device.

With on-demand reporting and analytics capabilities, ClaimFirst is equipped to help you monitor claim data and make business decisions that improve efficiency and yield results. ClaimFirst helps customers to identify potentially fraudulent claims, highlight workflow inefficiencies and monitor claim duration to ensure business runs smoothly and profitably at all times.

For customers looking to expand the capabilities featured in ClaimFirst, ClaimVantage offers an integrated solution with AbsenceDirect that provides full life cycle claim management, balancing Disability, Absence Management, and more complex regulations, such as the FMLA, State, and ADA.

ClaimVantage recently launched a new website, which provides a full overview of the available range of software solutions. Visit to learn more.

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ClaimVantage is the leading international provider of Life, Health, and Absence claims management software solutions. With offices in Portland, Maine, and Dublin, Ireland, ClaimVantage provides cloud-based, automated claims processing solutions that drive efficiency, accuracy and productivity to a wide-range of insurance companies, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), and employers around the world, including two of the top three carriers in Canada, and two of the top ten carriers in the US. For more information about ClaimVantage, visit

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