Allied Pipefreezing Services Achieves SafeContractor Accreditation For Another Year

Britain’s Best in Elite Industrial Pipeline Maintenance Continues to Set the Standard

September 16, 2016 (FPRC) -- The UK’s number-one in superior-quality pipeline management services is delighted to announce the brand’s awarding of Safecontractor status for another year. Allied Pipefreezing Services has once again been recognised for its total commitment to health and safety, delivering consistently outstanding results with the highest regard for responsible operations at all times.

The scheme exists as something of a benchmark for UK contractors and service providers of the highest calibre. APS Ltd. has been working with prestigious clients globally for over 20 years, achieving truly remarkable results where others would fail to make the grade.

Industry-Leading Health and Safety

“Allied PipeFreezing Services Ltd has been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety. Safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors. Allied PipeFreezing services Limited specialises in the provision of specialist pipeline services to a wide variety of industries and sectors The company’s application for Safecontractor accreditation is driven by the need for a uniform standard across the business.” – APS Ltd.

Along with being recognised for such genuinely outstanding health and safety performance, the Allied Pipefreezing team has recently added several highly-prestigious new clients to its customer base. Recent projects have included jobs for NHS Scotland, the Caribbean Princess cruise liner and an off-shore North Sea oil platform.

The company specialises in pipefreezing, hot tapping, line stopping, shrink fitting and a wider range of industrial pipeline maintenance and management services. With a focus on fast, efficient and disruption-free pipeline solutions in even the most challenging circumstances, the APS team continues to shine as the true industry leaders.

The Smart Choice for Industry

“Under the Safecontractor scheme, businesses undergo a vetting process which examines health and safety procedures and their track record for safe practice. Those companies meeting the high standard are included on a database, which is accessible to registered users only via a website. Client-organisations who sign up to the scheme can access the database, enabling them to vet potential contractors before they even set foot on site. These clients agree that, as users of the scheme, they will engage only those who have received accreditation. Over one hundred and seventy major nation-wide businesses, from several key sectors, have signed up to use the scheme when selecting contractors for services such as building, cleaning, maintenance, refurbishment or electrical and mechanical work.” – APS Ltd.

Allied Pipefreezing services tailors bespoke solutions for commercial and industrial clients spanning countless key sectors. For time-critical jobs and those where health and safety is a real concern, choosing a Safecontractor approved specialist guarantees performance and results you can rely on.

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About Allied Pipefreezing Services Ltd:

Allied Pipefreezing Services is the UK’s number one of industrial pipework services and maintenance. Established in 1994, the team has spent over two decades building a reputation as the nation’s most responsible, reliable and capable provider of elite pipeline maintenance services. Specialising in pipefreezing, hot tapping, line stopping, shrink fitting and more, Allied Pipefreezing Services has earned an extensive and enviable list of prestigious clients up and down Great Britain. For more information or to arrange a consultation, get in touch with the Allied team today via our website.

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