John F. Possumato to Speak at Digital Dealer Workshops on Utilizing Proximity Marketing and Beacons

John F. Possumato, the Founder & CEO of Automotive Mobile Solutions will speak to automotive dealers at the Digital Dealer Workshops, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, October 18, on utilizing proximity Marketing and beacon technology using Mobile (Apple/Google) Wallet and customized apps. Participants in the workshop will learn what proximity marketing (geo-fencing) is, and how it can best be used in the automotive environment, using compliant best practices and current examples of industry leading stores today. Participants will also learn about Mobile (Apple/Google) Wallet technologies, the advantages and drawbacks in using Wallet as a tool for their proximity marketing program. Finally, those attending will also explore the benefits and potential pitfalls in creating and utilizing their own dealership customized app as a strategy to achieve proximity marketing goals.

October 1, 2016, Cherry Hill, NJ — Organizers of the upcoming Digital Dealer Workshops have announced that John Possumato, CEO of Automotive Mobile Solutions (AMS) will lead an automotive dealer focused presentation on emerging proximity marketing, geo-fencing and beacon technologies using Mobile (Apple & Google) Wallet and customized dealership apps.

AMS’s founder, attorney and digital marketing expert, John Possumato, said dealers are just beginning to explore the marketing possibilities of mobile wallet technology, which is built into every new iPhone and Android smartphone.

“Proximity marketing techniques, such as geo-fencing and using strategically placed beacons, provide the ultimate leverage for acquiring low cost, dealer generated low-in-the-funnel sales leads,” Possumato said. “Long term, relationship building development is nice, but being able to ‘Reach Out, When they are Ready to Buy!” (the title of our workshop), is critical to actually making the sale, in vehicles sales or service operations”
Possumato continues, “Retail is a cutthroat competition these days, and dealers need a new way to cost-effectively gain leverage in the consumer’s ‘back pocket’ with time-sensitive, location-based offers. Flash sales for both variable and fixed operations are now possible through geo-fencing and beacons through mobile wallet and customized apps, and in ways that have never been available before this technology emerged on the scene.”

Possumato added that a number of major retailers, including Starbucks, Best Buy and Macy’s, are using mobile wallet to connect with customers and keep them coming back. He plans to discuss the technology in “Reach Out When They Are Ready to Buy!” at 1:30 on Tuesday, Oct 18, at the Digital Dealer Workshops, at the Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Registration for Digital Dealer Workshops is open at the event’s For more information the Mobile Wallet Digital Business Card made for the event, click here.

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