New Media Brings Warmth and Wonder to Children at Cabrini Hospital

ENESS is already building immersive environments of the future. The Australia-based new media studio is turning walls into interactive stories with their new light-emitting wood, which is the first of its kind to integrate new media into the built form.

December 15, 2016 (FPRC) -- ENESS integrated an interactive wood material at Cabrini Hospital, Malvern, Australia. This material exemplifies their vision of creating a natural bridge between technology and art to create a positive, meaningful environment.

“Our goal was to maximise the space with interactive experiences that children could intuitively use,” said Cabrini Hospital’s Nurse Director for Women and Children, Andrea Rindt.

Natural wood veneer comes to life, surprising people as they walk past. Animals peek their heads out of grass that grows with movement, animated rain drops fall on passers-by, rockets launch and animated runners follow human movements, and that's just the beginning. The installation is built into natural materials, elegantly integrated so children aren’t staring at another digital device, but become immersed in a positive environment. Emotive colour combinations are embedded to reduce the stress and anxiety children feel in the space.

"The technology is unique and will not only attract the children but will have the parents guessing on how it is all working."

ENESS sees this building material forming immersive environments in a range of architectural projects, from commercial to tourism, hospitality and retail spaces. They're also expanding the material palette beyond wood, canvas and acrylic - they're looking forward to working with architects who wish to integrate LUMES into new concepts and materials.

About: ENESS develops, designs and fabricates emotive experiences all over the world, using their diverse skill set in lighting, software, interactive media, product design, sculpture and architecture.

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