to Publish a Quarterly List of the Industry Top Brands will be publishing a quarterly ranking of the top brands in the industry.

January 14, 2017 (FPRC) --, a top blog in the self-tanning space, has said that it’ll be publishing a quarterly competitive ranking of the top brands in the industry. Given the credibility and standing of the site in the market, this ranking is well likely to attract the attention of top providers of tanning products worldwide. has said that its intention is to encourage healthy competition and encourage brands to stick to quality guidelines for the benefits of consumers. is an authority blog on the subject of self-tanning. It’s owned and run by Brenda Palmer, a cosmetics consultant based in Baltimore, Maryland. Brenda Palmer’s areas of expertise include hair removal, self-tanning, and blackheads removal. She runs a consultancy office in the city’s central business district, where she has gained significant insights recommending various skincare products to her clientele. Ms. Brenda plans to use her experience in the industry to identify brands that are performing and reward them with a quarterly ranking that will keep competitors on their toes.

According to Ms. Palmer, this ranking will be industry wide, which means it will touch on all areas of the cosmetics industry, which is multi-faceted. It’s not clear at this level, but her organization might have different rankings for companies in different categories. For instance, companies that manufacture self-tanners could be categorized in their own list, while those that produce foot care products could be put on a different list. What is certain is that will follow a stringent process when establishing what company or brand ranks where. It’s not uncommon that companies that perform dismally in industry rankings dismiss them as schemes of the competition. To avoid this kind of perception, Brenda Palmer has said that she’ll be giving all participants in the industry an opportunity to make submissions that might boost their rankings, including facts about new innovations that they are working with, and safety guidelines followed when manufacturing skincare products. Ms. Palmer has said that she’ll be giving a lot of significant to consumer feedback and reviews to determine brands and products that are meeting consumer expectations.

“ is already an industry blog of good standing. What we are trying to do now is sort of giving a publicity incentive to well-performing brands, while at the same time challenging those brands that are performing poorly. Our goal is to create a situation where consumers can easily find what brands are delivering the quality that they expect. We’ll be allowing our readers to share their experiences with products from various manufacturers, and allowing representatives from these companies to respond to any negative mentions before they’ve been factored in for the ranking. We’re taking it slow, but we hope that it’s ultimately going to be something very positive for the industry…,” said Ms. Palmer.

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