Thermalabs Folding Beach Bed Hits the Market

Thermalabs brand new folding beach bed is now available

January 21, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs has said that its recently released folding beach bed is now available to users. The company’s new folding beach bed has been marketed as a premium accessory for beach-goers who’re looking to relax and rest a little bit after a dip in the water. Available in a brilliant green color, the bed can also be used in the park, or in a private garden. The company has marketed it as a useful, foldable accessory that’s easy to carry and use.

Thermalabs is a leading American firm that manufactures cosmetics and beach-convenience products. Headquartered in New York, the firm opened its doors three years ago and started out with a pilot product then known as the ‘Original Self Tanner’. This was an organic tanning lotion that was designed from natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Olive Oil. Following a strategic marketing campaign, the product sold over a thousand units in the first 24 hours post-launch. It helped forge a serious foundation that Thermalabs has since used to stage its successful onslaught of the tanning market.

So far, Thermalabs has furnished the cosmetics market with over two dozen products, most of which are tanning lotions and accessories. In recent times, the firm has diversified its operations and launched multiple sub-brands that it’s using to encroach into various industry niches. Thermalabs Supremasea sub-brand markets and distributes pro skincare products that are based on Dead Sea mineral salts. Tent World, another sub-brand by the company, markets beach and sports tents, as well as new beach chairs and beds. Organic Healthcare, Thermalabs final sub-brand, is in charge of the company’s new healthcare products based on all-natural ingredients.

Thermalabs folding beach bed was announced last week as part of 6 new beach-convenience products that the company has introduced this year. It’s a perfect accessory for people who’re looking to take a break from the hustle bustle of the beach. It’s built from a high-quality polyester material that’s wrapped around a sturdy steel frame to provide comfort on the go. According to Thermalabs, this beach bed is elegant and looks great against any backdrop. The firm has also said that it designed its bed to be long-lasting so that it gives maximum ROI to its users.

Ann Spencer, the brand manager in charge of Thermalabs Tent World brand, said, “It’s a great year start for the entire Thermalabs family as we start the year on a high note. We are very excited to ship the first batch of folding beach beds to Amazon warehouses. This product is now available via our official site, as well as on Amazon. The folding beach bed is not only a great way to relax at the beach, but also a perfect accessory for star gazing or sunset watching. It supports a weight of up to 225lbs and is over 6” long. You now have no excuse not to try this new, innovative product by our company.”

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