Supremasea to Announce New Dead Sea Salt Formulations

Thermalabs Supremasea brand has said thatís its working on new, top-notch formulations.

February 10, 2017 (FPRC) -- Supremasea, a burgeoning cosmetics firm owned by Thermalabs, has said that its research and production department is finalizing work on new formulations. Supremasea has thus far furnished the skincare market with at least 4 top-performing products, including their sensationally popular Tan Enhancer lotion that maintains that perfect glow after a tan.

Supremasea was introduced back in 2015 by Thermalabs, an American cosmetics brand whose impact is felt around the world. According to Thermalabs coordinator for brand marketing, the purpose of Supremasea was to oversee production, marketing and distribution of a new crop of products that would be based on unique Dead Sea minerals. The Dead Sea is home to over 40,000 salts, at least 12 of which are unique to this body of water. Scientists have established that Dead Sea salts have ample benefits not just for the skin but other organs in the body as well. Through Supremasea, Thermalabs was hoping to capitalize on these benefits by creating products that would easily promote skin health.

Supremaseaís pilot product was Tan Enhancer, a lotion product that facilitates an enduring tan experience. Tan Enhancer can be used after sunbathing, or after using any natural or organic self tanners. This lotion maintains a long-lasting and radiant tan glow. It also contains Shea Butter and Vitamin E, which moisturizes the skin and protects it from free radicals and other environmental pollutants. Other products that Supremasea has launched include the Lavender body scrub exfoliator, Shea body butter, and Vanilla patchouli exfoliator.

Both lavender and vanilla patchouli body scrubs are exfoliating products meant to restore the skin and promote cell regeneration. Supremaseaís Shea Body Butter is a premium moisturizing lotion that keeps the skin supple, heals dry skin and corrects common dermal imperfections. All the 4 products that Supremasea has introduced to the market so far has been quite successful, selling thousands of units within their launch week and attracting massive positive ratings on major retail marketplaces such as

Kristina Meyers, the Supremasea brand manager, said, ďItís been almost two beautiful years for our firm. We have managed to furnish the market with 5 pro-quality products, all of which have shown an indisputable promise in the market. But thatís just where it starts for Supremasea. Our long term goal is to flood the market with insanely good skincare products that will make the competitionís offering look like childís play. Our research department is committed to that goal. We are lucky to have some of the best skincare professionals in the industry. I have just been from a meeting from our head of production and Iím glad to say that Supremasea has a few more products up its sleeves. The department will be concluding production of the first batch of at least 2 different formulations very soon. Stay tuned to Supremasea!Ē

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