Tent World’s Neptune Tent Hits the Market

Tent World’s Neptune beach tent is now available in the market.

February 21, 2017 (FPRC) -- Neptune, a brand new beach tent launched by Tent World awhile ago, is now available in the market. This is a significant development given that Tent World has launched at least 7 other beach tents this year. It appears that the New York brand is working to flood the beach-going market with its products. Ann Spencer, the brand manager in charge at Tent World, has said that the company aims to furnish its audience with a top-notch collection of beach tents.

Tent World is an emerging brand that manufactures beach and sports tents. Based in New York City, the company has made quite a significant progress ever since it launched towards the end of 2015. Tent World’s pilot tent, the Mercury beach tent, was a major hit in the market. It featured a protective coating that shielded occupants from the sun’s harmful radiation, as well as an extra comfortable bottom for kids. The tent also had side pockets that could be filled with sand for extra stability in the beach environment. Ms. Spencer has said that the success of this tent in the market motivated the company to create more similar products.

Currently, Tent World has furnished the market with a total of at least 9 quality beach and sports tents. Each of these is named after a planet in the solar system. The largest tent is called ‘The Sun’ (especially since the sun is also the largest body in the solar system). The smallest tent, on the other hand, is named Pluto, after the smallest planet in the solar system. The Sun tent is so large that it can house an entire family or small group of people. On the other hand, the Pluto tent is so small that it’s actually designed for kids and toddlers. Each of these tents provides a classic shelter where occupants can hide after a long any outdoor location, whether at the public garden, picnic site or private garden.

Tent World’s Neptune tent is designed for the needs of a small family. It’s shaped like a canopy and dip in the water at the beach. However, Tent World has said that its tents will also come in handy and works great at a campsite, the beach, or any other outdoor location for that matter. The tent is also lightweight and features an instant pop-up mechanism that allows it to open or close in a matter of seconds. It also ships with a compact carry case where it can be packed for storage or transportation. According to Ms. Spencer, this tent will now be available to customers via Amazon.com, as well as via the company’s official website – www.thermalabs.com.

For more information contact James McCoy of Tent World  (http://tent.world/)

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