Organic Healthcare’s Anti Nail Fungus to Sell in US Stores

Organic Healthcare has said that its Anti Nail Fungus will soon be available in US stores

February 21, 2017 (FPRC) -- Organic Healthcare, an emerging brand that manufactures 100% bio-organic products, has said that one of its latest releases will soon be available in US stores. This can be seen as a move by the new company to increase its market foothold. Currently, Organic Healthcare products are available in online markets such as However, there’s been an increasing push by the company’s management to capture the still large market that shops in local stores rather than online.

Organic Healthcare was established sometimes last year. The brand aims to deliver highly useful healthcare products based on naturally occurring herbs, seeds, and plants. While a lot of other healthcare products brands are relying on modern science and the latest research, Organic Healthcare chose to do the exact opposite. The company relies on ancient knowledge in healthcare to create its products. According to Priscilla Rodgers, the brand manager at Organic Healthcare, this unique approach has already given the company a significant head start. The reasoning here is that human ancestors used to have more energy, health, and vitality. By looking at some of the foods and ingredients they consumed, Organic Healthcare is looking to deliver the same benefits to its users.

Ms. Rodgers has said that her company relies on the work on the Rambam, and other preeminent Jewish scholars who lived up to 1000 years ago, to create its products. Production work is done by skilled artisans at the company’s main factory in Galilee, Israel.

Last week, Organic Healthcare announced that it was looking for a distribution partner who could market its products in Northern America. It appears the company settled on the Market Group for this position. The Market Group is based in New York City and has established itself as a premium distributor and marketing firm. So far, the company has marketed a lot of products in the local cosmetics scene. It introduced the popular Gold Standard Tanner to the US and a number of other top-notch brands. Organic Healthcare is hoping that by contracting Market Group, its Anti Nail Fungus and other releases will conveniently stock in US stores.

“Our company has been working hard to have our products available in local US stores. The motivation behind this goal is the fact that a big percentage of cosmetics consumers still shop locally in stores and supermarkets. We want to have Organic Healthcare products stocked in supermarket stores so we can tap into this market. Already, we have appointed Market Group as the sole distributor of our products inside the US. We are hoping that with this move, more customers will be able to access our products,” said Ms. Rodgers.

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