Thermalabs Ultimitt Now Available via Amazon Echo

One of the most popular tanning mitts in the market, the Ultimitt, can now be ordered via the Amazon Echo smart home assistant.

February 21, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs has said that one of its most successful launches, the Ultimitt tan applicator mitt, is now available to customers via the Amazon Echo home assistant. This means first-time or repeat buyers of this product can issue a simple voice command and have it shipped to their address within a day or two. This is a significant development in the companyís push to increase its online market share, especially at a time when competition in the global cosmetics industry has intensified.

Amazon Echo also referred to as Echo, is a smart speaker built by global e-tailing giant Amazon. The device is today one of the most popular smart home assistants in the market. Shaped as a tall, cylindrical speaker, Echo has a seven-piece microphone array to quickly and effectively intercept voice command. The device connects to Amazon music, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and other services to play music when ordered. It also answers simple questions, reads audio books, reports the weather and traffic, as well as gives info on local businesses. Amazon Echo is also able to order products on Amazon on behalf of its owner.

Last year, Amazon introduced ĎAmazonís Choiceí, a new accreditation for top-performing products on the platform. Although the company hasnít said specifically what factors are used to qualify a product as Amazonís choice, industry experts have said that top-rated, best-selling products often make the cut. Amazon Echo is able to reorder products that are in a customerís Amazon history. However, if the requested product is not found within the userís Amazon history, the device orders the brand that has been ranked as Amazonís choice. Since Thermalabs Ultimitt is now an Amazonís Choice product, the company has said that its users around the world can order it at the issue of a voice command.

Thermalabs Ultimitt happens to be one of the most popular mitts in the market. Released in 2013 when the company was barely one year old in the market, the Ultimitt has been a perennial top seller on major online retailing platforms. The company created the product after conducting a survey that proved consumers were unhappy with most mitts available in the market. Thermalabs built its Ultimitt to be better, bigger and longer lasting than the competitionís products. Their new mitt also worked quite well with lotions and mitts from other brands. It snugly fit on the palm and thus avoided messy hands when applying tanners, lotions or other cosmetics products. The companyís strategic pre-market campaign also helped make this product widely popular in the market.

Alex Howard, a marketing coordinator at Thermalabs, said, ďOur customers can now order the Ultimitt via a simple voice command to the Amazon Echo smart home assistant. For a number of weeks now, the Ultimitt has been rated as an Amazonís Choice product, which means itís been selected by Amazon as the best product in its category. This is a positive development that underscores Thermalabs commitment to quality. We are glad that our customers can now order via Echo, and are doing more to make sure that more of our products are available via this home assistant.Ē

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