Thermalabs Ultimitt Qualifies for Amazon Echo Brand Recognition

The Ultimitt, one of Thermalabs top products, is now an Echo-recognized product.

February 22, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs has said that their customers can order the Ultimitt (one of the company’s most popular releases) via the Amazon Echo smart home assistant. This is only possible after Amazon rated the Ultimitt as an Amazon’s Choice product. Over the last few years, Thermalabs has been taking steps to dominate the online market for cosmetics products. The new development will only help make the company’s Ultimitt easily available to more users.

Amazons Choice is a new ranking that was launched back in 2016 by the world’s leading online retailer – Amazon. This is a special recognition ranking that highlights products that have consistently high rankings, attractive sales figures, and that are generally trending in the market. Thermalabs Ultimitt has been on the Amazon’s Choice list for weeks on end. Furthermore, the product has been a perennial bestseller on major online marketplaces ever since it was first launched in 2013.

The Ultimitt is a tan applicator mitt that’s widely used in the tanning space. The product was created from silky, natural materials, and was intended to seal a gaping market gap. According to Thermalabs, consumers were dissatisfied with most mitts existing in the market. The company thus took steps to create a bigger, better and longer lasting mitt that would give consumers the results they were looking for. Thermalabs mitt works with tanners and lotions from all brands.

Echo is a smart home assistant that receives voice commands to play music (via Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, etc). It contains an array of 7 microphones that receive voice commands from a distance, and from all directions at the convenience of the user. In addition to playing music, the device also reads audiobooks, reports news, traffic updates, weather, as well as gives information on local businesses and sports. Echo also controls smart switches, thermostats, bulbs, and other smart devices. Amazon is always adding more features to make this device smarter. Other global firms such as Google are also coming up with their home assistant (e.g. Google Home) in what appears to be an ever-growing industry.

Amazon users can use the Echo smart home assistant to order products online. Once a voice command is issued, Echo searches the user’s Amazon history to see if that product has ever been ordered before. If it finds it in the Amazon history, it re-orders from the same seller. However, if Echo doesn’t find the product in the customer’s Amazon history, it selects products that have been listed as ‘Amazon’s Choice’. In this case, any user who’s looking for a tanning mitt via Amazon Echo will get Thermalabs Ultimitt as the first product recommendation.

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