Cosmetics Firm Thermalabs Launches Replacement Sponges for its Back Applicator Deluxe

Thermalabs has launched a 20-pack replacement sponge bundle for its Back Applicator Deluxe.

March 9, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs today launched a 20-pack replacement sponge bundle for its Back Applicator Deluxe. The Back Applicator is a cosmetic convenience product that was launched by Thermalabs sometimes last year. It helps users apply lotions and other cosmetics on hard to reach areas such as the back and other parts of the body. The Back Applicator Deluxe ships with 4 replacement sponges, but users need to get more with time.

Thermalabs is a major-league cosmetics firm based in the United States. The company was launched sometimes in 2013, starting out as an outfit that manufactures top-notch tanning lotions and other cosmetics. Thermalabs initial launch – the Original Self Tanner – was a major hit and consequently played a major role in the company’s success. The product managed to sell thousands of units within the first week, and attract a lot of attention from industry blog and cosmetics-focused media outlets. This essentially gave Thermalabs the brand exposure it needed to stand up to the big brands, and make the cut.

Thermalabs has to date launched at least 40 different products, most of which are tanning aids. In recent times, the firm has also reached out to cover other market areas outside tanning. Thermalabs Supremasea sub-brand manufactures top-notch skincare products based on salts and minerals extracted from the Dead Sea. The firm also owns two other sub-brands: Tent World and Organic Healthcare. Tent World creates quality outdoor tents that can be used at the beach, in sports, in fishing spots, etc. On the other hand, Organic Healthcare produces hand-made organic health products that are 100% bio-organic.

In addition to the 4 replacement sponges, the initial Thermalabs Back Applicator Deluxe also ships with a velvet carry pouch. It makes it possible for users to apply sunscreen and other products on unreachable parts of the body. Thermalabs has said that its Applicator is easy to grip and folds easily. The company also said that the product is durable, and works flawlessly well with its own products, as well as those from the competition. The move to introduce a 20-pack bundle of replacement sponges will most certainly add value to the Back Applicator Deluxe.

Alex Howard, the marketing coordinator in charge at Thermalabs, said, “We are glad today to introduce our 20-pack bundle of Back Applicator Deluxe replacement sponges. These new sponges make it possible for our users to make use of our applicator whenever they need. The pack features 10 orange hydra loofahs and 10 black velour pads. These pads absorb minimal amounts of lotion so there’s little wastage. They also contribute to a smooth and flawless application. Whatever lotion or cosmetics brands you are using, you can now take advantage of our Back Applicator Deluxe, without being limited by limited replacement sponges…”

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