Thermalabs Inagua chosen for the Top 6 Home Spray Tanning Kits of 2017

Thermalabs Inagua system has been chosen among the top 6 in the market.

March 9, 2017 (FPRC) -- Inagua Spray Tanning Kit, a comprehensive spray tanning machine launched by Thermalabs late last year, has been selected among the best in the industry. Published a few days ago this month, the Ezvid Wiki video published a list of the 6 most useful spray tanning systems in the market, with the goal of informing users who are looking to make better purchase decisions.

Thermalabs is a US based cosmetics brand thatís incredibly popular in the self-tanning space, where it has furnished the market with dozens of tanners and tanning accessories. Thermalabs launched three years ago in 2013 and started out manufacturing tanning products from highly organic and natural ingredients. The firmís pilot product Ė organic self-tanner Ė was a major success in the market. It featured ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Olive Oil. Following a major pre-launch campaign by Thermalabs, the product was a major hit, selling over 10,000 units in week one. The media attention that this successful product launched helped Thermalabs create much-needed brand awareness.

Today, Thermalabs tentacles have expanded to cover other market areas. The company has an organic healthcare operation based in Galilee, Israel. Thermalabs has also doubled its focus on beach-convenience products meant for beachgoers. The firm has furnished the market with at least 9 top quality beach tent, beach t-shirts, beach chairs and other products meant to make your beach time much fun.

By being highlighted in the Ezvid Wiki, Thermalabs Inagua joins a list of highly recognized spray tanning kits that indeed live up to consumer expectations. This move will most likely result in increased online product sales for Thermalabs and other companies whose tanning kits made the cut.

Thermalabs Inagua system is a comprehensive machine thatís built to make spray tanning easier. It sprays tanners faster and easier for more professional results. The Inagua system sports high-precision components, a spray gun applicator with fluid knob control, adjustable spray patterns and 3-speed turbine. The machine also has a low-maintenance nozzle. According to Thermalabs, Inagua is not only compact and lightweight but also ships with a free carry case for travel convenience. The company has said that this machine is built to cater for the needs of both the novice and professional spray tanning buff, whether at home or at a spray tanning salon.

In addition to Inagua, Thermalabs has launched a number of spray tanning systems as it tries to establish itself in a new market niche. The new ranking by Ezvid Wiki will most likely give the companyís efforts a boost.

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