Ezvid Wiki releases list of top tanning systems for 2017

Ezvid Wiki has launched its 2017 list of top tanning systems.

March 15, 2017 (FPRC) -- Ezvid Wiki, one of the leading video review platforms on the internet, has launched its 2017 list of top tanning systems. Over the last few years, Ezvid has been releasing various rankings and consumer-focused reviews to inform people so that they can make better purchase decisions. The new listing of the top tanning systems essentially informs consumers from all over the world who are looking for affordable, reliable and durable brands.

Ezvid Wiki was founded about 6 years ago back in 2011. Back then, it was the first video wiki in the world. The platform has gradually grown to become one of the leading websites not only in the United States. According to the company, they informed over $165 million in purchasing decisions within the last few years. The company has also said that it vets brands based on merit metrics such as affordability, durability, ease of use, efficiency, and other similar qualities.

This year’s ranking of the top self-tanning systems in the market ranked Thermalabs Inagua, Apollo’s Mini-Mist, Belloccio Premium, Aura Elite, EComventures Personal, and MaxiMist Lite as the top machines for spray tanning. According to the Wiki, Thermalabs Inagua ranked at position 6 as an ultra-slim light and affordable kit for both beginner and professional tanners.

On the other hand, Apollo’s Mini-Mist, which was ranked position 5, came across the board as an excellent high-end machine, especially for professional tanning businesses. The Aura Elite was listed in position 3 as a great mid-range machine both for individual and business users. EComventures Personal was listed as a highly affordable system that delivered acceptable spray tanning results. Ranked at position 1, the MaxiMist Lite tanning system comes with a spray tanning fabric/tent, and other accessories that make it easier for spray tanning buffs to do their thing without messing their home or tanning environment.

While releasing the Wiki on its website platform, a senior editor at the Ezvid said, “We are excited to launch our 2017 wiki of the top spray tanning systems available. It’s been hard work for us over the last couple of days as we tried to gauge various qualities in order to come up with a fair and comprehensible listing. There are dozens of spray tanning brands available out there, and we had to really dig through to find the ones that delivered on what they promised and offered consistent quality results. Based on our research, the top spray tan kits in the market this year are Thermalabs Inagua, Apollo’s Mini-Mist, Belloccio Premium, Aura Elite, EComventures Personal, and MaxiMist Lite…”

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