Thermalabs Publishes Expert Tanning Guide

Thermalabs has published its secret tanning guide

March 16, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs, a leading producer of cosmetics, has launched its secret tanning guide. This is a comprehensive, insightful book that outlines the ins and outs of tanning. The book is designed to better educate the ever-increasing stream of tanning-buffs who are scouring the market for the best tanning methods. The book has attracted the attention of industry bloggers given that Thermalabs is arguably one of the leading innovators of tanning products.

Based in New York City, Thermalabs has cultivated a reputation as a top producer of quality cosmetics. The company first made its name in the self-tanning space, after launching a series of organic tanning lotions back in 2013. Thermalabs pilot product, the Original Self Tanner, was a major hit. Created from high-value ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and others, the lotion delivered a beautiful bronzed tan within 4 hours. This was significant given that most tanning lotions from the competition needed up to 6 hours to deliver results. The Original Self Tanner was a major hit in the market, selling over 1,000 units through day one on major e-commerce outfit

Other notable products that Thermalabs has launched within the tanning space include the Ultimitt tan applicator mitt, Glow2Go disposable tan wipes, Tan Enhancer, and Protectan Sunscreen lotion.In recent times Thermalabs has also diversified into other market areas. The company currently owns three distinct sub-brands, which manufacture a variety of products ranging from beach accessories to health ointments. Thermalabs Tent World sub-brand, for instance, produces outdoor tents for use at the beach. Supremasea is another Thermalabs sub-brand that creates skincare products based on Dead Sea salts. Lastly, Thermalabs Organic Healthcare sub-brand manufactures 100% organic health products by using natural herbs, seeds, and plants sourced from the Mountains of Galilee (Israel) as ingredients.

According to Thermalabs, its new Expert Tanning Guide has been created by top skin care experts and research scientists in the market. The book elaborates essential skincare practices, as well as guides users on how to get the best possible results with tanning products from the company and other brands. The book, Thermalabs says, is an essential guide for all tanning buffs.

Alex Howard, a marketing coordinator at Thermalabs, said, “Thermalabs has today published Self Tan Secrets, a comprehensive new guide for all tanning buffs. This book outlines essential tanning tips that will guide users as they use various lotions and other products either from our brand or elsewhere. The book is available in paperback version via Our top skincare scientists spent a lot of time polishing the information in this book, and we are very certain that it’ll be instrumental to users who want to master tanning…”

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