Thermalabs Air Introduces New Purple Spray Tan Tent

Thermalabs Air has introduced a new purple-colored spray tan tent

March 16, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs Air, a Thermalabs subsidiary, has launched a new Spray Tan Tent in the color purple. This is the third spray tanning shelter that the firm has introduced over the last 3 months, marking a significant growth in its production capacity. The new tent can be used with Thermalabs own spray tanning machines, as well as spray tanners from other brands.

Thermalabs, the company that owns Air, is a leading manufacturer of cosmetics and beach-related accessories. The company launched back in 2013 but has so far managed to establish a reputation in the global cosmetics market. Thermalabs is most popular in the self-tanning space, where the company has supplied users with a range of over 20 top-quality tanners based on organic ingredients. Some of the most popular launches by Thermalabs within the self-tanning category include the Ultimitt tanning mitt, the Original Self Tanner, the Protectan Sunscreen Lotion, and Tan Enhancer.

In addition to Air (which is responsible for marketing and distributing all spray tanning-related products on behalf of its parent company), Thermalabs also owns two other smaller outfits namely Supremasea and Organic Healthcare. Supremasea creates skincare products using Dead Sea salts as the main ingredient, while Organic Healthcare is an Israeli-based subsidiary that manufactures 100% bio-organic health products.

Additionally, the company owns Tent World, another outfit that manufactures beach and sports tents. Based in New York City, Tent World has been cited as one of the fastest growing producers of outdoor tents today.

The new (Purple) spray tan tent is meant for both individuals and tanning businesses. The product helps users keep their house and indoor environments clean while spray tanning. According to Thermalabs, the tent is waterproof and roomy. It also has a clear top to allow more light so that users can have an easier time while applying their spray tanners. The tent also has no logo, which according to Air is a big plus. Businesses within the Spray tanning spaces can re-brand the tent to better represent their enterprise.

Other spray tanning tents that Air has created include the Bronze spray tan shelter, the All-black tent, and the Pink spray tan tent. Each of these products feature an automatic pop-up mechanism that makes it possible for users to set them up within seconds. Thermalabs Air has also said that it ships its tanning tents with a compact carry bag for easy travel and convenience.

Ann Tee, a marketing leader at Thermalabs Air, has said that the company will first make the new tanning available to consumers within the US. Already, Ms. Tee said, the purple spray tanning tent has been listed on the company’s Amazon page.

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