Thermalabs Air releases Samana Art

Thermalabs Air has launched Samana Art, a new spray tanning system

March 16, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs Air, an innovative firm that manufacturers top of the range spray tanning machines and accessories, has announced yet another addition to their inventory. The Samana Art is a professional airbrushing system for makeups, tattoos, nail art, cake decorations, and all types of body art. The machine is highly portable, lightweight, and features a high-precision mini spray gun, Thermalabs Air has said.

This launch puts the firm in a position to compete with top players in the airbrushing industry, including established big brands such as Belloccio, Master Airbrushing, and Iwata. The release of Samana Art also puts at 3 the number of airbrushing systems and accessories that the company has introduced over the last 6 months.

Thermalabs Air is a subsidiary of Thermalabs, a major manufacturer of cosmetics products based in the United States. Launched January last year to take over Thermalabs airbrushing operations, Air has recorded significant milestones and managed to establish a market foothold in a rather cutthroat industry. The company’s Inagua spray tanning machine, for instance, was recently ranked among the top 6 spray tanning systems in the world by Ezvid Wiki. Ezvid is the world’s first video Wiki, and one of the top websites for video product reviews within the US.

Samana Art Airbrush machine can be used by both novice and professional users. Thermalabs Air has said that the system is easy to use, and features a hassle-free, near-automatic operation. The system can be operated at the click of a button. It also ships with a printed guide that provides detailed instructions regarding how users can make the best out of this machine. The company also said that Samana Art is easy to clean with warm water after each user.

Among other features, the machine has a 3-speed turbine, a heated air function, adjustable spray patterns, and a low maintenance nozzle. Most of these features are common in top airbrushing systems available in the market. But the 3-speed turbine is quite a unique addition. The machine also doesn’t require monthly maintenance, replacement parts, or special cleaning supplies.

Ann Tee, a senior marketing personnel at Thermalabs Air, said, “We are excited to announce the release of Samana Art, a new comprehensive machine that will help with all your airbrushing needs. This is an all-in-one versatile system that works with body art, nail art, cake decoration, tattoos, makeups and all other forms of body art. The machine features a number of special features to increase efficiency, and all the same, make it easier to use for the novice user. Samana Art is our way to furnish the airbrushing market with top quality, as we work towards being the number one brand for users within the United States. Currently, the machine is available via Stay tuned to Thermalabs Air for more…”

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