Glow2Go Disposable Tan Wipes Back in the UK Market

Thermalabs Glow2Go tan wipes are now back in the UK market

March 23, 2017 (FPRC) -- Glow2Go, a signature tanning product by Thermalabs, is now available in the UK market. This is interesting news given that this tanning wipes pack was absent for over 6 months as the company struggled to meet global demand. Thermalabs has also said that it plans to re-introduce the product in the US market and other regional markets.

Thermalabs is a major producer of self-tanners and other cosmetics products. The company started out back in 2013 as an organization that created awareness against skin cancer. In late 2013, the company commenced manufacturing activities, launching its original self-tanner. This was a premium tanner based on all-natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Olive Oil. Following a proper pre-marketing campaign by Thermalabs, this pilot launch was a major hit. It attracted tens of thousands of sales in week one and created a media buzz that Thermalabs would later use to pitch its subsequent releases. Indeed, the success of Thermalabs pilot product has played an instrumental role in the company’s current success.

Glow2Go is a pack of 20 disposable wipes that was launched as Thermalabs second ever product. Users could use a tanning wipe and then dispose of it, which made this product particularly convenient amongst people who traveled frequently. When Thermalabs introduced these wipes in the market, it sold them at double the count but half the price of the competition. This helped trigger a sales frenzy that saw Glow2Go rank among the most popular disposable tanning wipes on online retail marketplace Amazon.

Over the last few years, the company has struggled to meet increasing demand for this product. This has been, in part, due to Thermalabs increased focus on new formulations. According to company insiders, Thermalabs has devoted intensive resources to research and production of new products, leaving few hands available to replenish diminishing supplies. The company made a conscious effort to boost its production for the Glow2Go following incessant consumer requests. The decision to launch this product in the UK shows that the company is serious in its promise to re-stock one of the most popular disposable tan wipes ever.

Alex Howard, a marketing coordinator at Thermalabs, said, “We are extremely glad that our Glow2Go pack of disposable tan wipes is finally available in the market. We have worked very hard to make sure that our customers can access this product again. The first shipment of Glow2Go disposable tanner has arrived in the UK, and our users can get it via Amazon UK. We are also in the process of shipping tens of thousands of units to the United States, Asia, and a number of other regional markets.”

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