Thermalabs Air Collection Introduces 2 New Accessories

Thermalabs Air has added two new accessories to its existing portfolio

April 20, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs Air, a premium brand that manufactures airbrushing machines, has added two new accessories to its product inventory. This comes at a time when the company is looking to establish itself as the go-to provider of airbrushing kits, airbrushing accessories, and spray tanning wares. Thermalabs Air has thus far furnished the market with at least 6 premium airbrushing systems, most of which are versatile enough to work with all cosmetics applications, from tattooing to body art and spray tanning.

Thermalabs Air is owned by Thermalabs Inc, a U.S-based firm that manufactures tanners and other cosmetics. Ever since it was introduced in 2015, Thermalabs Air has managed to establish a foothold in the competitive airbrushing market. Thus far, the brand has manufactured Inagua Art, Inagua Paint, Inagua Spray Tan Pro, Samana Art, Samana Makeup, and Samana Spray Tan airbrushing machines.

Most of these systems are meant for applying body art and other cosmetics. But a few of them are highly versatile and will even work with cake decoration. Thermalabs Air machines boast a 3-speed turbine, low maintenance nozzle, and a single press operation button.

Namely, the Pink and Bronze spray tan tents, the two new accessories are specifically meant for use with Thermalabs Air airbrushing machines. Users can get into the tents while using their airbrushing machines to avoid messing their homes or their environments around them. In essence, these two tents serve as a dedicated shelter for airbrushing and spray tanning. Thermalabs Air has said that the tents can be used both indoors and outdoors and that they work excellently well for both novice and professional users. Alex Howard, a lead marketing coordinator at Thermalabs Air, said that independent consumers can get the tents for use at home. On the other hand, professional cosmetic salons can use the accessories for more convenience in their business premises.

None of the new tents has a logo, which means that consumers or tanning salons who purchase them can custom brand them to promote their businesses.

Alex Howard, the ranking marketing coordinator at Thermalabs Air, said, “The entire Thermalabs Air team is delighted to announce the launch of Bronze Spray Tan Tent, and Pink Spray Tan Tent. These are premium accessories that serve as a shelter for users who are looking to use an airbrushing system. The tents are ideal for Thermalabs Air airbrushing kits, as well as those from competing brands. The fact that we have not included a logo with these tents means that professional tanning salons or other businesses have an opportunity to custom-brand them. At Thermalabs Air, we are working extra hard to be your most reliable provider of airbrushing machines and accessories. Our customers can access the new accessories via”

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