Thermalabs to Sell Its Collections via

Bigwig cosmetics manufacturer Thermalabs has said that it’ll make its wares available via a new site,

April 20, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs, a top manufacturer of tanning lotions and other cosmetics products, today said that it’ll make its collections available via a new site – This means consumers will not be able to order the firm’s wares via the official brand website – This move comes at a time when the company is looking to revamp its market presence. Over the last few weeks, Thermalabs has introduced some of its most popular tanners and other products in markets outside the U.S., including but not limited to the U.K, Germany, and France. Thermalabs also started at least three new sub-brands over the last 3 years. These are meant to help the company diversify into various niches.

In addition to, the company’s customers will still be able to access its products via third-party online retail outlets such as will be a concentrated center for Thermalabs products, and a source of information related to the company, it’s sub-brands and new formulations. The firm has also said that it will publish deals and discounts information on this new platform, and make the shopping experience easier for consumers. Users will be able to easily contact the firm’s representatives via, as well as write reviews on various products.

At the homepage, the new site will be structured into four different categories, which visitors can click to find information or order specific products. These categories/collections will be Bath&Body, Tan, Air, and Thermalabs Accessories.

Thermalabs Bath & Body is an exclusive collection that entails all Thermalabs products meant to protect the skin or promote skin health. These include sunscreen lotions, exfoliators, and moisturizing creams. Thermalabs Air is a collection of the firm’s airbrushing systems and accessories, while Thermalabs Tan will encompass all tanning-related products. Lastly, Thermalabs Accessories will contain the company’s cosmetics accessories such as its Ultimitt mitt and the Premium exfoliating mitt.

Alex Howard, a top marketing coordinator at Thermalabs, said, “Thermalabs has launched a new site,, that will house its products in corresponding collections. From the homepage, users will be hit with general product categories such as Thermalabs Bath & Body, Thermalabs Air, Thermalabs Tan, and Thermalabs Accessories. Our goal with this new platform is to ease the user flow and make it super easy for our audience to find information related to various sub-brands or products. We are also going to be publishing information related to product deals on this platform. This is one of the many efforts that we are making to make it easier for consumers to access our products regardless of their location on the global map. Stay tuned to Thermalabs for much more…”

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