Thermalabs Launches New Online Store for Its Collections

Thermalabs has introduced, it’s new online retail store

April 25, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs, a leading producer of cosmetics and skin care products, has introduced, a new site that will serve as its primary online retail store for all cosmetics and skin care products. Previously, the company was selling its products via its main brand website,, and third-party e-commerce outlets such as According to Thermalabs marketing coordinator, Mr. Alex Howard, the new site is meant to create a better shopping experience for the company’s customers around the world.

Thermalabs is a major producer of self-tanners and a variety of other cosmetics product. The company became known back in 2013 after they introduced their pilot product, the Original Self Tanner. Created from organic and natural skincare ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Olive Oil, this was a highly effective tanning lotion that delivered results within just four hours. Considered that most other tanning lotions showed results after up to 6 hours, this was a major achievement. Thermalabs rolled out a brilliant marketing campaign to introduce its pilot product and managed to sell over 10,000 in the first week on alone.

Today, Thermalabs has encroached into other market areas. The company manufactures beach-convenience accessories such as beach T-shirts and beach chairs, as well as outdoor tents and 100% bio-organic products. To make all this diversification successful, the company has introduced some three new brands over the last few years. Supremasea, the primary sub-brand, is in charge of the company’s skin care formulations that are created from Dead Sea salts. Tent World is Thermalabs sub-brand in charge of outdoor tents, while Organic Healthcare is the most recent arm of the company that deals with bio-organic health products.

In addition to moving its collections to the new site,, the company has said that it will maintain its presence on third-party e-Commerce outlets such as Thermalabs has said that the decision to introduce its new shopping-dedicated site was motivated by user experience concerns. The firm also saw the need to separate its online sales operation with its main brand website – – which houses the company’s basic information.

Alex Howard, a top marketing manager at the firm, said, “Thermalabs has today introduced a new e-commerce outlet that will house its collections. The new site has been mapped to the domain and will include all of our problems, from tanning accessories to bath & body accessories and Thermalabs airbrushing systems. We are consistently looking for new ways to enhance the customer experience on our online websites, and the new site will make it super easy for our customers to shop as well as find relevant information related to specific sub-brands or products. In addition to, all our products will continue to be available on major e-Commerce outlets such as Amazon…”

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