Direct 2 Guests Announces Installation at M Citi Suites Hotel, Cebu Philippines

Direct 2 Guests has installed its Guest Connect software application at the M Citi Suites hotel in Cebu, Philippines.

May 1, 2017 (FPRC) -- Direct 2 Guests is pleased to announce that it has completed its most recent installation of the Guest Connect software at the M Citi Suites Hotel, located in Cebu, Philippines. M Citi Suites is a popular boutique hotel in Cebu located close to Fuente Circle.

This represents the first time that the technology has deployed on the hotel rooms’ television screens rather than in-room tablets. “Installation of our devices in the M Citi Suites represents the ongoing development and innovation of our Guest Connect interface”. said Sean Lazenby, Chief of Technology at Direct 2 Guests. “Not only does this enhance the hotel guests experience during their stay but serves to increase hotel revenues and reduce costs.”

The technology allows the viewer to switch between watching television and viewing the content on the Guest Connect software using only the television’s remote control.

Direct 2 Guests Services is a business that specializes in providing hotels the Guest Connect software application that offers seamless integration with hotel services and information. This application can be accessed through in room televisions, dedicated in-room tablets or through a downloadable mobile application directly to the guests’ own device. Content includes such things as detailed hotel information and room service ordering - accessible by guests in the comfort of their room. Hotel guests enjoy the benefit of having hotel service information, local information and attractions integrated into one easy platform, while the hotel benefits from improved guest service satisfaction, increased hotel revenue and lower costs. D2G also provides partner advertisers an effective method for directly targeting hotel guests by allowing advertisers to replace hit and miss brochures and media advertising by reaching hotel guests directly.

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