Thermalabs Launches Its Folding Beach Bed

Thermalabs folding beach bed is now available in the market

May 19, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs has launched a brand new folding beach bed. This comes at a time when the company is increasing production efforts in the beach convenience market niche. Over the last few years, Thermalabs has launched dozens of releases in the beach-related space, including the likes of beach chairs, outdoor beach tents, beach T-shirts, and more. Although traditionally a cosmetics manufacturer, the company is working to diversify its product portfolio and market presence.

Thermalabs is a premier manufacturer of cosmetics tanners based in the United States. The company started out in 2013 when it launched its pilot product, the Original Self Tanner. Created from highly organic and natural ingredient, this product was a major hit and managed to sell over 10,000 units in the first week on the market. Thermalabs was quick to follow up this blast success with the launch of the Glow2Go tanning wipes, and the Ultimitt tan applicator mitt.

Today, Thermalabs has furnished the global cosmetics market with dozens of releases, most of which are tanning lotions or self-tanning accessories. In recent years, Thermalabs has been making efforts to diversify into other market niches. The company has launched three new sub-brands, namely Supremasea, Tent World, and Organic Healthcare. Supremasea is Thermalabs branch that’s in charge of all skin care products, the majority of which are created from Dead Sea mineral salts. Tent World manufactures beach and outdoor tents, while Organic Healthcare is in charge of the company’s growing range of organic health products.

The new folding beach bed is part of products launched under Thermalabs Tent World sub-brand. The bed is meant for beach-goers who are looking to relax while enjoying the beach environment. According to Thermalabs, the folding beach bed also works great for people who want to tan or anyone who needs to read a book while at the beach. The bed is lightweight and features an instant fold-up mechanism that makes it easy to use even for first-time users. The new beach bed can support a weight of up to 225lbs and measures over 6” in length. Currently, it’s available in nature green color, but the company has floated the possibility of creating more design variants in the near future.

Alex Howard, a lead coordinator at Thermalabs, said, “The entire Thermalabs team is excited to announce the launch of our new folding beach bed. This is a fantastic product that serves all users who want to tan, read a book, or just relax and enjoy the tranquil beach environment. Thermalabs is committed to providing beach-goers with a rich experience, and we’re always working on new products to meet our consumer goals. The new bed is now available to consumers via, as well as via our official shopping site –”

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