Thermalabs Air Introduces Samana Art

Samana Art by Thermalabs Air is now available in the market.

May 19, 2017 (FPRC) -- Samana Art, a new airbrushing system by Thermalabs Air, is now available in the market. This is the 6th airbrushing machine that the company has launched in the market over the last 3 years. The Samana Art system is a professional airbrushing machine that features a mini spray gun and other features that make it ideal for use with nail art, tattoos, cake decoration, body art and other diverse airbrushing needs. According to Thermalabs Air, Samana Art can be seen as an all-in-one airbrushing machine thatís designed to cater for all airbrushing needs.

Thermalabs Air is a sub-brand of Thermalabs, one of the leading manufacturers of self-tanner and other cosmetics products in the world. Thermalabs is based in New York City but operates a number of production factories in Israel and other parts of the world. Thermalabs started out back in 2013 when it launched its pilot product, the Original Self Tanner. This was a highly organic and natural self-tanner that was designed to deliver a beautiful tan within just 4 hours. The lotion was created from rare ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, and Green Tea. Following a massive pre-launch campaign, Thermalabs initial product was a major hit. It managed to sell tens of thousands of units in the first month on the market and put the company in the spotlight of authority industry blog and cosmetics-focused media outlets. Thermalabs was able to ride on this wave of success to stage the successful launch of its subsequent launches.

Today, Thermalabs has diversified its operations and launched four distinct sub-brands to take charge of its activities in various market niches. Thermalabs Supremasea is the companyís brand in charge of all skincare products, while Tent World is the sub-brand in charge of outdoor tents and beach shelters. Thermalabs Air is in charge of airbrushing systems, while Thermalabs Organic Healthcare creates top quality health products based on bio-organic ingredients.

Thermalabs Samana Art airbrushing system is a portable mini spray gun machine that allows users to take their makeup application, cake decoration, nail art, tattooing and all other airbrushing needs to the next level. Samana Art is an easy to use and practical even for first-time users. It features a one-off button, a 3-speed turbine, low-maintenance nozzle, and adjustable spray patterns. According to Thermalabs Air, the machine ships with a compact carry case for storage and travel convenience.

The new Samana Art airbrushing system is available on Thermalabs official website, as well as on top online retail marketplaces such as

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