Thermalabs Folding Beach Bed Now Available Via

Thermalabs folding beach bed is now available in the market

May 26, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs new folding beach bed, has just hit the market. This is an interesting new product thatís meant for beach-goers. This particular launch comes barely a few months after the company introduced a set of five beach chairs. Although Thermalabs is primarily a brand that caters for the needs of self-tanning buffs, the company has increasingly encroached into the beach convenience market over the last few years.

Thermalabs started out as a company that manufactured organic self-tanners four years ago, before finally graduating to a fully brown producer of cosmetics products. Thermalabs has currently furnished the market with at least three dozen releases, most of which are tanning lotions and tanning accessories. The company has over the last three years launched four distinct sub-brands as part of its global diversification plan. These include Supremasea, Tent World, Organic Healthcare, and Thermalabs Air. Supremasea manufactures skin care products based on a special blend of Dead Seal salts and other ingredients. Tent World, on the other hand, creates outdoor shelters for use at the beach, and other outdoor locations. Organic Healthcare is an Israeli-based brand that creates health products based on 100% bio-organic ingredients. Thermalabs Air, the last sub-brand by the company, creates airbrushing machines and airbrushing accessories.

Thermalabs folding beach bed comes in a medium green color. According to Thermalabs, the bed is ideal for people who just want to enjoy the beach environment while reading a book, or just basking in the sun. The bed features an ergonomic design and an instant pop-up assembly that makes it super easy to open. The bed can support people who weigh up to 225 lbs, and who are over 6 feet tall. Thermalabs new beach bed is sturdy, long-lasting, and easy to handle. It can be used with any of the companyís beach tent to protect users from unpredictable rain showers and other elements of bad weather while at the beach.

The company said that the new beach bed will now be available to users via Traditionally, Thermalabs launches its releases via Amazon. However, the company this year introduced, which will be the new online shopping hub for its customers. According to Alex Howard, the new bed is a must-have for beach-goers. Itís a great place to relax after a long dip in the water at the beach. In addition to this product, Thermalabs has promised to launch more beach-convenience products for its users in the coming few months.

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