Café Nimrod Selected Among Best Coffee Shops in Tel Aviv

Zap Rest Magazine has ranked café Nimrod among the top coffee shops in Israel

May 27, 2017 (FPRC) -- Zap Rest, one of the leading culinary magazines in the Israeli market, has ranked Cafe Nimrod among the top coffee joints in the city of Tel Aviv. Zap Rest publishes articles on restaurant trends, top restaurant and kitchen experiences across the country. The magazine is popular with locals and foreigners who are looking to gather more information on Israeli restaurants.

Co-founded by David Eyal and Ehud Segev, Café Nimrod is 10 years now. The café was founded on Valentine’s day (February 14th) in 2007. This is not the first time that Café Nimrod has been ranked among the top coffee spots in Tel Aviv. Located in Hangar 8, Tel Aviv Port (Gabirol Street 27), Nimrod offers a relaxing, modern ambiance. The café offers traditional Galilee dishes in an excellent rural-themed atmosphere. There are multiple options to choose from, with some of the most popular dishes being the cafe’s Mushroom Falafel and Special Lamb Kabab. Café Nimrod also has an information desk where customers can gather information on the Galilean culinary culture, as well as organize guided tours into any of Galilees tourist destination.

Café Nimrod is named after Nimrod Segev, who was drafted as a reserve in the second Lebanon War. Nimrod was a specialist who was summoned out of his normal life to go to war but never returned to his country. The restaurant honors his Good Life, and his love for country, for which he gave all.

Today, Café Nimrod is very popular amongst locals in Tel Aviv, as well as foreign travelers who are looking to sample the Galilean culinary culture or just enjoy a well-made meal in a relaxing environment. The restaurant has recorded significant growth over the last 6 years, managing to set up 3 new branches in different parts of the country. According to reviews left by consumers on TripAdvisor, what makes Nimrod unique is its great food, great service, and excellent environment. The restaurant is also popular for its couples’ Israeli breakfast.

Ehud Segev, co-founder at Café Nimrod, posted on his Facebook page in response to the top 10 ranking, “We are excited to tell you that after 10 years, we’ve worked with over a million customers who have had great experiences with us, and helped us put three branches across the nation. These have been amazing customers who have enjoyed and shared about café Nimrod. From the sea of love that we receive from our clients, we’ve managed to be ranked among the top 10 best cafes in Tel Aviv by Zap Rest Magazine. We are proud to be a top restaurant and are going to keep doing what we do best.”

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