Thermalabs Protectan Sunscreen Lotion Now Available in Germany

Thermalabs Protectan Sunscreen lotion is now available in the German market.

June 10, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs has introduced their popular sunscreen lotion in the German market. This is one in a series of movies that are designed to expand the companyís market presence in Europe. Thermalabs has over the last few months introduced an assortment of its products in Germany, Italy, the UK, France, and other European markets. Apparently, the firm is trying to establish itself as the go-to supplier of self-tanners and cosmetics products worldwide.

Thermalabs is one of Americaís leading manufacturers of cosmetics products. The company became wildly popular due to its production of organic and natural tanning products. The firmís introductory product, the Original Self Tanner, was a major hit in the market. The lotion was formulated from rare ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Olive Oil. It led to a beautiful tan within just 6 hours, which was significant given that most of the competitionís products needed up to 7 hours to show results. Upon launch on, the lotion sold over 10,000 units in just the first week. Thermalabs, then a startup, was able to capitalize on this initial success to pitch its subsequent releases.

In addition to increasing its market presence, Thermalabs also introduced a couple of new sub-brands over the last few years, as seeks to diversify its industry coverage. Thermalabs introduced Supremasea sub-brand back in 2014. This is a distinctive arm of the company that creates skincare products that are based on Dead Sea salts. Other sub-brands that have been formed over the last 3 years include Organic Healthcare, Thermalabs Air, and Tent World. Organic Healthcare is in charge of highly organic skincare products that are designed from naturally available herbs, seeds, and plants that are extracted from the mountains of Galilee. Tent World is the brand in charge of producing new beach and outdoor tents, while Thermalabs Air is behind the companyís extensive range of airbrushing machines.

Protectan Sunscreen Lotion has been a perennial bestseller and one of the most popular releases by Thermalabs. The product is designed to protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays emitted by the sun. According to scientific studies, millions of Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer each year. A lot of these people do get skin cancer from over-exposure to the sunís harmful radiation. In addition to serving as a protective layer, Protectan also moisturizes the skin.

Mr. Alex Howard, a Thermalabs top marketing coordinator, has said that the new product is available to customers in Germany via Customers can also order directly from the companyís official online storefront Ė

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