Thermalabs Exfoliating Gloves Now Available in the French Market

Thermalabs premium exfoliating gloves are now available in France

June 10, 2017 (FPRC) -- Cosmetics bigwig Thermalabs has introduced its premium set of exfoliating gloves in the French market. Apparently, the company is looking to expand its market dominance beyond its traditional American operation base. This has seen the firm launch at least a dozen products in the French market over the last few months. The move to release the exfoliating gloves set to customers within France underscores the company’s commitment to emerging as one of the most widespread providers of cosmetics products worldwide.

Based in New York City, Thermalabs is one of the world’s leading providers of cosmetics products. The company started out back in 2013 when it launched its pilot self-tanner. Christened the ‘Gold Standard Tanner’, this product was a major hit. It attracted thousands of sales within the first week and helped forge a solid brand reputation that Thermalabs later used to pitch its subsequent releases. Since its first product, the company has introduced at least three dozen more products. Most of these are self-tanning lotions or tanning accessories. Thermalabs has also invested heavily in the beach convenience niche over the last few years. The company has launched a range of beach t-shirts, beach chairs, beach beds, outdoor beach tent, and other accessories meant for beach-goers. Thermalabs also ventured into the organic healthcare niche last year. The firm built a new factory in Israel where a team of artisans will be hand-making organic health products using herbs and seeds that are 100% bio-organic.

Thermalabs premium exfoliating gloves is a set that includes a bamboo fiber and natural loofah glove, a jute mitt, and a sisal wash mitt. According to the company, the gloves are ideal for people who are looking for natural, safe ways to exfoliate. Thermalabs has said that its set of three gloves contributes to skin healing, and rejuvenates the skin so that it looks much younger and soft. The product also ships with the company’s patented finger-bound exfoliating device, which users can use to exfoliate small detail areas on their face (e.g. around the eyes).

“We are excited to introduce yet another one of our products in the French market. The premium exfoliating gloves set is a package constituting of three separate gloves. These include a natural bamboo and loofah mitt, a sisal and jute mitt. Our gloves are ideal for folks who are looking to exfoliate safely while staying away from all those chemical-based exfoliators. We are also going to include a free bonus unit of our finger-bound exfoliating device in each package that we ship to our customers in France. Users can now order their unit of the exfoliating gloves set online via,” said Mr. Alex Howard, a marketing coordinator at Thermalabs.

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