Mentalist Ehud Segev to Offer Charity Performances

Mentalist Ehud Segev has said that he’ll offer charity performances in the coming months

June 17, 2017 (FPRC) -- Ehud Segev, one of the world’s leading mentalists, has said that he’ll offer charity performances to organizations that promote humanitarian causes in the next few months or years. Earlier this year, the mentalist recorded an electrifying charity performance for Tzohar Organization, a profound organization that provides special facilities for kids with special abilities.

Ehud Segev, also known as ‘The Mentalizer’ is one of the world’s best-known mentalists. Mr. Segev was born in the Israeli city of Safed back in 1979. In his boyhood years, he spent a lot of time reading books of mentalism, mind-reading, body language, mysticism and other cryptic language at the local library. With support from his mother, the young boy would nurture his special interest to be one of the most fascinating minds in Israel. By the time Ehud was 19 years old, he predicted the eventual winner of a mayor’s election by just referencing the face photos of the applicants. Since then, he has appeared on Dozens of TV shows and magazines around the world. He’s been interviewed by major broadcasting corporations including the Cable News Network (CNN). Ehud at one time appeared on NBC’s hit show, ‘phenomenon’.

While most of his fans have referred to his abilities as ‘magic’, Ehud has insisted that he’s not a magician. Mr. Segev says that he simply taps into the innate powers of the human mind, something every other human being can do with lots of practice and dedication.

Mr. Segev is also a best-selling author. His two books, ‘Secrets of the Voice’ and the ‘9 Steps to Influence’ have attracted incredibly positive reviews. Secrets of the Voice is a body-language based book that educates people on how they can read and influence others. 9 Steps to Influence, on the other hand, is a crash course to mentalism, which explains how people can take advantage of the mind’s innate abilities to influence people.

Through his official website,, Ehud Segev also offers free tips and insides to individuals who are looking to master the art of mentalism. Fans who want to view some of Ehud’s performance videos can do so at

Hannah Tiram, the brand manager at Ehud’s Organization, said, “Mr. Segev will be offering a few charity performance moving forward. These performances are dedicated to organizations that are doing great work to make the world a better place. Charity performances will be offered to very few entities, and will be both entertaining and educational in nature. Stay tuned to Mentalizer for more soon.”

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