Secrets of The Voice Audio Book Now Available

‘Secrets of the Voice’, a book by Ehud Segev, is now available in Audio

June 22, 2017 (FPRC) -- ‘Secrets of the Voice’, the bestselling book by Ehud Segev, is now available in audio form. This is interesting news for users who might have been looking to read this book but didn’t have the many hours needed to wade through volumes of text. The new audio book, which is available online via, will perhaps increase the number of people who’ve read this book, which has been a perennial bestseller on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Ehud Segev, the author of this book, is a world-renowned mentalist and mind reader. Mr. Ehud was born in Safed, Israel. As a young boy, he spent a lot of time reading books on mind-reading, body language, and mysticism. By the time he was a teenager, he already could make people laugh, as well as perform incredible mental feats. Ehud at one time predicted the winner of a mayor’s election from a total of 12 contestants. Completely amazed at the teenager’s unique talents, the media christened him the ‘Mental Analyzer’, which was later shortened to ‘Mentalizer’. Mr. Segev has traveled around the world and entertained guests in almost every major city. He also has on numerous occasions educated corporate employees on important skills such as body language and effective communication.

Secrets of the Voice, one of two best-selling books authored by Ehud, is an elaborate guide that teaches people how they can ‘peer’ into others’ mind by ‘reading’ thoughts based on the voice. According to Ehud, the Voice is an incredibly powerful communication tool. By learning how to analyze the voice, as well as use it more effectively, people can take their communication prowess to the next level. Secrets of the Voice focuses on five key elements that if mastered, can help people decode the mindsets of others around them. The book explains how readers listeners can decode the true personality of others by simply paying attention to their speech patterns. It also helps public speakers learn how to be more effective with their own audiences.

Previously, Secrets of the Voice was only available as an eBook, and in Paperback form, at Amazon Kindle. Mr. Ehud’s other book, 9 Steps to Influence, is also available on Amazon Kindle. The move to launch this book on will expose this valuable text to millions of users who prefer listening as opposed to reading.

Hannah Tiram, a brand manager at Ehud’s Mentalizer Education, said, “ has today launched one of its most famed book, Secrets of the Voice, on People who prefer to listen to audio as opposed to reading text can now absorb the contents of this important book. Amid increasing demand, we are keen to increase availability for Ehud’s masterpiece works. Stay tuned to Mentalizer for more.”

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