Thermalabs to Publish Illustrative Tanning Guides

Thermalabs has said that it will publish illustrative tanning tips for its audience on social media

June 22, 2017 (FPRC) -- Thermalabs, a leading maker of cosmetics lotions and self-tanning products, has said that it will furnish its user with illustrative tanning tips on a regular basis. The new guides will be in the form of images, which will be published on the firm’s Facebook page. The illustrative tips will also be disbursed to the company’s audience via email newsletter. This move, Thermalabs says, is aimed at educating its consumers on how to identify the best tanning methods, as well as leverage the best techniques to better take care of their skin.

Thermalabs is a leading manufacturer of cosmetics lotions who’s based in the United States. The company’s official headquarters are in New York City, but it operates a number of production facilities in other parts of the world. Thermalabs started out making organic tanners back in 2013. The firm’s initial launch, which was a major hit, was known as the ‘Gold Standard Tanner’. This was a premium tanner that delivered results within 4 hours. The success that this pilot product earned in the market greatly contributed to the firm’s subsequent success.

Currently, Thermalabs has furnished the global cosmetics market with a comprehensive range of at least 40 different products. Most of these are self-tanners, but the company has also invested in beach-convenience products, and a variety of other releases. Thermalabs operations are now divided into five distinct brands, namely Supremasea, Tent World, Organic Healthcare, and Thermalabs Air. Supremasea is the company’s sub-brand that’s in charge of skincare products that are based on Dead Sea mineral salts. Tent World makes outdoor shelters, while Thermalabs Organic Healthcare produces organic health products based on 100% bio-organic ingredients. Thermalabs Air, on the other hand, is a burgeoning new sub-brand that’s working to be the dominant producer of airbrushing systems and accessories in the market.

The new guides by Thermalabs will be in the form of illustrative image. Each image will include a tip – or series of tips – meant to help users realize better skincare. In addition to Facebook and Email newsletters, Thermalabs also said that it’ll disburse these illustrations via Twitter, Pinterest, and other social channels. The company has said that using images is a creative way to educate consumers without burdening them with long pieces of text that are common in blogs. Alex Howard, Thermalabs top marketing man, said that the company has already realized a lot of positive reactions from these guides in the short time they’ve implemented them. Mr. Howard expects to increase awareness on tanning products, better educate consumers on tanning methods, as well as increase consumer loyalty in Thermalabs.

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