Thermalabs Beach Accessories Now Available via Online Storefront

Thermalabs upcoming beach accessories are now available online via

July 13, 2017 (FPRC) -- Cosmetics bigwig Thermalabs has said that it’s beach accessories will from now on be available online via The company has been selling its products online via and other third-party marketplaces but is looking to enrich the overall consumer experience. is the firm’s new online storefront that was launched a few weeks ago.

Thermalabs is one of the biggest makers of cosmetics, self-tanners and other products. The firm launched back in 2013 but has so far managed to furnish the market with a comprehensive range of over 40 different products. Thermalabs dominance in the self-tanning niche has made a company of international repute. The firm currently operates at least three distinct sub-brands in its quest to diversify its market offering. These sub-brands include Supremasea, Tent World, and Organic Healthcare. Supremasea is Thermalabs arm in charge of producing the company’s lineup of skincare products that are based on Dead Sea salts. Tent World manufactures beach and outdoor tents for the company, while Organic Healthcare is a fairly new sub-brand that creates a wide range of organic health care products using 100% bio-organic ingredients.

Traditionally, Thermalabs launches its products online via, as well as other leading third-party marketplaces. But the firm has seen an increasing need to better serve its consumers and has introduced as an online storefront where customers can get a better experience. Through the new platform, Thermalabs consumers can access all its products, from self-tanners to beach accessories and healthcare products.

Over the last few years, Thermalabs has recorded a slow but certain shift from cosmetics products to beach-convenience accessories. Thermalabs is even considering changing its slogan from ‘self-tanning reloaded’ to ‘Life’s a Beach’. The company’s current inventory of beach accessories spans from beach chairs and beds to outdoor tents for use at the beach. Thermalabs also manufactures beach T-Shirts, sunscreen lotions, and many other accessories to serve the needs of beach-goers.

Alex Howard, the firm’s marketing co-coordinator, said, “Our new beach accessories are now available online via Over the past few years, we’ve been selling our accessories online via and other popular third-party market outlets. But we are looking to enhance customer service by providing a rich shopping experience for all our customers around the world. The new platform will make it easy for people to browse our catalog of beach accessories and choose the products they are looking for. With, we have created a single, central point where consumers can access our products, and we’re hoping that this is going to ease accessibility and contribute to brand enthusiasm…”

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