Thermalabs Launches Its Folding Beach Chair

Thermalabs has introduced a brand new folding beach chair on the market

August 11, 2017 (FPRC) -- Cosmetics firebrand Thermalabs today launched a brand new folding beach chair on the market. The new chair, going by the name Iris Folding Beach Chair, is a versatile accessory that’s designed for use at the beach, at the park, in the garden, and just about anywhere else. According to Thermalabs, this new launch underscores the company’s commitment to furnish its users with an extensive range of beach accessories. Over the last few months, Thermalabs has furnished the market with an extensive range of products designed for the beach-going market, all the way from cute beach t-shirts to beach chairs and beach tents. Apparently, the company is looking to establish itself as one of the leading providers of beach convenience accessories in the global market.

Thermalabs is a major producer of self-tanners and other cosmetics products that was launched back in 2013. The firm started out with a pilot tanning product known as the Original Self Tanner. This was a natural and organic tanning lotion that was created from unique ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Olive Oil. The Original Self Tanner was a major hit in the market, selling over 10,000 units on within just the first week in the market. Indeed, the success that the company earned from its initial launch contributed a great deal to the success of its subsequent releases. Today, the firm has released a total of 40 products, spanning multiple market niches.

While Thermalabs started out as a small company that manufactured organic self-tanners. However, over the last three years, the firm has established four distinct sub-brands in line with its diversification effort. These include Thermalabs Supremasea, Tent World, Thermalabs Organic Healthcare, and Thermalabs Air. Supremasea is the first sub-brand that manufactures skin care products based on Dead Sea salts. Tent World is the company’s division in charge of beach and outdoor tents. Organic Healthcare, Thermalabs third sub-brand, creates organic health products based on 100% bio-organic ingredients, while Thermalabs Air is in charge of airbrushing systems and accessories.

Thermalabs Iris Folding Beach chair is a portable and elegant accessory that can be used just about anywhere – indoors and outdoors. According to Thermalabs, this is a strong outdoor chair that has been made from a durable steel frame and a sturdy polyester material. Thermalabs say that the chair is comfortable, lightweight, portable, and is a must-have chair for outdoor buffs.

Alex Howard, the Thermalabs marketing coordinator, has said that the firm’s customers can get this product online via, as well as the company’s official webstore –

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