Thermalabs Folding Beach Bed Now Available in the Market

Thermalabs recently announced folding beach bed is now available in the online market

August 12, 2017 (FPRC) -- One of Thermalabs latest products, the folding beach bed, is now available in the online market. This comes just a few days after the company revealed that it was working on having this product available on major online stores such as Over the last few months, the firm has launched a number of products meant for the beach-going audience, as it seeks to establish itself as the number one provider of beach convenience products in the market.

Thermalabs is a major cosmetics supplier that’s based in New York City. Ever since the firm was established back in 2013, it has managed to furnish the market with a comprehensive range spanning over three dozen products. Thermalabs pilot product was a self-tanning lotion that was known as the ‘Original Self Tanner’. Formulated from rare skincare ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Green Tea, this particular lotion was a major hit. It managed to deliver a beautiful tan within just four hours, which was significant given that most of the competition’s products took up to 6 hours. Following a thoughtful pre-marketing campaign by Thermalabs, the Original Self Tanner sold over 10,000 units within the first one week on It helped forge a success platform upon which the company could successfully pitch its upcoming launches.

Over the last few years, Thermalabs has scaled down its emphasis on self-tanners and tanning accessories, and increased its focus on beach-convenience products. In addition to the folding beach bed, other products that the firm has launched for the beach-going audience include beach t-shirts, beach chairs, and beach tents.

Thermalabs folding beach bed is a must-have accessory for beach goers. The bed is great for individuals who are looking to chill out while enjoying perfect weather at the beach, or those who just want to read a book on a lazy afternoon. According to Thermalabs, this new bed is a comfortable accessory with an ergonomic design, and has been designed with state of the art technology. The bed can support weight of up to 225lbs and height of over 6”. In addition to the beach, the tent can also come in handy at the park, in a private garden, or in just about any other outdoors location.

Alex Howard, Thermalabs marketing coordinator, has said that the new folding beach bed is built to last, and is designed with a durable steel frame, and sturdy polyester material. Mr. Howard has said that customers can get this new product online via, or the company’s official webstore at

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