Ehud Segevís Book, 9 Steps to Influence, Now Available in Audio

One of Ehudís best-selling books, the 9 Steps to Influence is now available in audiobook format

August 24, 2017 (FPRC) -- The 9 Steps to Influence, a perennial bestseller on Amazon Kindle, and one of the two top books written by mentalist Ehud Segev, is now available in audiobook format. This is according to Mentalizer Education, Ehud Segevís official organization that focuses on educational content producing by the mentalist. This move will likely increase the number of people who download and listen to the book. According to a recent web research, audio books are becoming increasingly popular as the go-to format, especially when compared to traditional text format.

Ehud Segev is one of the most esteemed mentalists in the world. Ehud was born in the Israeli city of Safed 38 years ago and developed an interest in the supernatural at a very early age. Growing up in Upper Galilee, young Ehud would spend hours on end reading books on communication, body language, mysticism, magic, and other cryptic subjects at the local library. At one time, the librarian was so alarmed at the extraordinary topics the young boy was consuming that he asked him to bring a permission from his parents. Ehud emerged into the national limelight when he was still a teenager. At the age of 19, the correctly predicted the winner in a hotly contested mayorís election. This earned him prime time slots on some of the largest broadcasters in Israel. Since then, Mr. Segev has been a global sensation. He has traveled the world and entertained special guests in almost every major city, from New Delhi to New York, Sofia to Accra. Ehud was also awarded the exclusive EB-1 classification by the U.S Department of Homeland Security for his work entertaining U.S. servicemen from around the world. Today, he educates corporate leaders on important skills related to body language and communication.

Ehud Segevís book, 9 Steps to Influence, focuses on the fundamentals of mentalism. It elaborates how everyday people can master this precise art, and use it to exert influence and make their lives more impactful. Through the book, Ehud Segev makes mentalism much easier for the ordinary folks to grasp, and puts it in such a way that it can be internalized and practiced. In addition to 9 steps to influence, Mr. Segev has also written another bestselling book going by the title ĎSecrets of the Voiceí. This book focuses on the power of the voice in the context of communication.

According to Hannah Tiram, a spokeswoman at Ehudís Mentalizer Education, the audiobook version of 9 steps to influence can be obtained online at

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