Mentalist Ehud Segev Launches a ‘Be a Mentalist’ Forum

Ehud Segev, one of the world’s leading mentalists, has launched a new educational program on official website

August 24, 2017 (FPRC) -- Mentalist Ehud Segev has today unveiled a ‘be a mentalist’ program on his official website. In this new program, Mr. Segev is looking to bring thousands of his fans up to speed on the art of mentalism. In the past, Ehud has published resources geared at helping people understand what mentalism is all about, as well as learn how they can internalize the science of it to make their lives better and more impactful.

Ehud Segev was born in the Israeli city of Safed back in 1979. While growing up, Mr. Segev spent most of his time reading books on body language, communication, mysticism and other cryptic subjects at the local library. At one time, the local librarian was so alarmed that he requested the young boy to bring a written permission from his parents. Mr. Segev’s early interest in mentalism would see him emerge into the national limelight when he was just a teenager. At the age of 19, he predicted the correct winner of a mayor’s election by just studying face photos of the candidates. Since then, he’s appeared on dozens of local and international shows, and entertained guests in almost every major city around the world. Mr. Segev also educates corporate employees and business leaders on important skills related to body language and communication., an independent site that reviews mentalists, has ranked Ehud Segev at position 3 in its 2017 list of the world’s best mentalists. Others who made to this list include Derren Brown, David Blaine, Marc Salem, The Amazing Kreskin, and Uri Geller.

Ehud Segev is also the best-selling author of two books, 9 Steps to Influence, and Secrets of the Voice. The first book, 9 Steps to Influence, focuses on the fundamentals of mentalism. The book explains how everyday people can master the art of mentalism, and apply its powerful science into their own lives. Secrets of the Voice, on the other hand, is an instrumental book that focuses on how the voice can be used as a powerful tool to communicate and exert influence. Both of these books have been perennial bestsellers on

The ‘be a mentalist’ program comes barely two months after Mr. Segev promised to launch it. It focuses on high-quality mentalism acts related to magic, body language mastery, and incredible feats of the human mind. As part of this program, Ehud focuses on the how-to of body language interpretation and elaborates on various practices that people can follow to enhance their mental abilities. Interested users can sign up at Ehud’s site.

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