Slibstream Launches US, UK, CA and AUS News Headline Channels

Slibstream the Instagram photo frame web app platform launches an interesting new application for its photo frame platform. This afternoon Slibstream officially launched the Slibstream: American, British, Canadian and Australian news headline channels.

March 14, 2018 (FPRC) -- Slibstream 4X News Channel Launch: The four international news channels are accessible here: and the direct UK news headline channel link is here:

Slibstream plays photo content in a web browser and has similar qualities to a digital photo frame. It does away with the conventional principal of a story must be told through words and Instead Slibstream uses pictures to tell the story. Slibstream has adjusted its photo framing platform to cope with custom business applications which now includes serving news content from four countries. Slibstream say It’s possible to Slibstream any photo content their customers want them to frame.

“Streaming news with Slibstream is a new and exciting application of our platform. What’s great about Slibstream is a current hit of news takes less than 10 seconds to access on the UK News Channel and that includes up to 10 news photographs! Accessing 10 news websitesor 10 news web papges one by one would take a lot longer that 10 seconds. Content delivery speed is key in the digital age.” – Ben Llewellyn, CEO Slibstream

How the news headline channels work - Slibstream takes a photo of the leading newspaper websites (of their headlines) and places the photos in a dedicated country news Slibstream. The news photographs in each country Slibstream live update and the Slibstream channel links are beamed around the World using social media. Slibstreams can be left idol, actively playing in a web browser (in full screen mode) because they update throughout the day with the latest news headlines – a bit like a news ticker but for news photographs.

Slibstream has seen a growing audience among the expat community whom want to keep in touch with their birth country newspaper headlines whilst living or working abroad. And sometimes the news looks better in pictures.

Slibstream – “Never miss a perfect photo frame moment ever again”. The company that bought you the free Instagram digital photo frame service. Based in London, UK.

For more information contact Ben Llewellyn of Slibstream  (http://

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