Angel Falls Cleaning service has launched carpet cleaning services for the first time in Minneapolis.

Angel Falls increases number of staff members to fulfill the carpet cleaning demands in the Minneapolis Mn area - Offering carpet cleaning in the Twin Cities has become a must do, for Angel Falls Cleaning Service

March 21, 2018 (FPRC) -- Angel Falls Cleaning service has launched carpet cleaning services for the first time in Minneapolis. The CEO of the company claimed that the process of starting a service for carpet cleaning Minneapolis Minnesota was in the process for quite some time now and that the delays were caused due to the slow hiring process. “Our hiring team wanted to make sure that they hire the most qualified people for the job and the training sessions also took quite a lot of time.”
The move came after the demand for Minneapolis cleaners, who also provide carpet cleaning services, increased. Many of Angel Falls’ clients were opting for other cleaning services which provided carpet cleaning services. Many of their clients also said that they were hiring individual cleaners because they did not feel comfortable hiring any other cleaning service.
“I have mostly hired Angel Falls Cleaning service for all of my cleaning needs. I even know most of their team members, so it was a bit of a chore to hire another cleaning service for carpet cleaning.”, as one of their clients expressed. To which the CEO of Top Star responded, “We have always taken notice of our client’s needs and their cleaning requirements and the main reason for introducing carpet cleaning service was a high influx of requests by our regular clients.”, he continued, “Our clients have always been our biggest priority and we will keep developing different solutions that will help us in providing a better experience.”
The company members also expressed their joy by supporting the company’s motto for providing luxurious cleaning services at cheap rates. The team leader of the group that will be in carpet cleaning services, “We have always focused on providing the best we can to our clients and that too at an incredibly affordable price. We have tried to maintain our quality level to a great extent, but we still have to learn a lot to compete with our competitors”
As many of the company members rejoiced over the news, clients also supported the move wholeheartedly, however, the CEO of the Company also said that they are trying to develop solutions according to what is demanded by the clients and how it would help them expand their services and business.
Gavin Hart, Director of operations
Angel Falls Cleaning Services
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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