Younger Exteriors, Inc. Selects Advanced Contractors MN to Transform Roof Inspections

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April 3, 2018 (FPRC) -- Advanced Contractors of MN, the leading roofing and siding solution provider, today announced Younger Exteriors, Inc., a major residential and roofing company serving the Twin Cities, Minneapolis – Saint Paul MN, has selected Advanced Contractors crew and platform to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction. The solution enables a complete roofing inspection service that will benefit from rapid, comprehensive views of customers' roofs to identify damage and provide an accurate analysis of their condition and recommend repair or replacement options.

'Roofing analysis can be done better. We can do it better, and Advance Contractors technology makes that a reality,' said James A, President of Younger Exteriors 'After our customers experience our process, they go 'Wow. I had no idea there's a company that can do that.' I don't know of anything that screams professionalism louder than when a roofing company uses the very best technology in the marketplace to help its customers.'

During traditional roofing sales visits, salespeople visit homeowners, climb onto their roofs for inspections, and manually review damage or issues. This method often proves inaccurate, sometimes leaving homeowners with more questions than answers. Homeowners are also sometimes uncomfortable having people climbing on their roof due to liability concerns.

'The Advanced Contractors MN system eliminates all of that,' said James. 'We can come in and say, 'I can increase your home's property value. I can lower your insurance premiums. I can increase your roof's warranty. And the first step is to find out what the condition of your roof is. It's a free inspection. It only takes a few minutes, and I don't even have to climb on your roof.''

'We're incredibly pleased at the success Younger Exteriors, Inc is experiencing with the Aerial Intelligence platform,' said Jim R, CFO of Advance Contractors Mn. 'Roofing is a prime example of an industry that dramatically benefits from our detailed, rapidly-delivered cloud-based analytics. Our platform identifies roofing issues with incredible precision. It enables all roofing companies to deliver the best, most transparent customer experience possible.'

After its initial customer meeting and inspection, the Younger Exteriors, Inc. team will create a recommendation based on the images and analytics and return to the customer to present a detailed report. The report provides annotated images, offering a complete overview of the roof, including damage assessment across its total expanse. The drone, combined with the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, ensure all damage, including issues manual inspections often miss, are captured.
'Advanced Contractors MN hail damage detection capability is just phenomenal technology,' said James. 'It provides a whole new level of annotation for us. We can see wind torn shingles or tabs that have come off. We can see problems that exist in corners or at the edges of steep or high slopes. We can then go into the Cloud, generate a very comprehensive report and our sales rep can advise the homeowner to file an insurance claim. Separating the sales role from the inspection role allows a sales rep to be twice as productive.'

Younger Exteriors, Inc. is enjoying an increase in attention both from new job seekers and customers as a result of the drone deployment technology.

'One of the key things that attracts new customers to Younger Exteriors is our drone inspection,' said James. 'They tell us 'This is a roofing company that's doing something innovative.' Advanced Contractors is a force multiplier. Advanced Contractors’ services go far beyond any conventional drone system. It does ten things at once and they're all awesome.'

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