Release of GBMC’s sixth (e)Book: “Bridges to Japanese Business Etiquette: Understanding Japan Cross-cultural Management”

NEW BOOK: "Bridges to Japanese Business Etiquette: Understanding Japan Cross-cultural Management" by Philippe Huysveld “Japan Series”: Book/Livre VI Editor:

August 10, 2018 (FPRC) --

A reference Book for non-Japanese executives about
“How to work with the Japanese”!
“Cross-cultural misunderstandings frequently appear in situations where Westerners interact with people from the Far East, in particular with the Japanese. As a Japan Business Consultant, I have witnessed many business cases, situations or events, where understanding the basics of Japanese business etiquette and Japan cross-cultural management would have helped a lot.

This (e)book, by Philippe Huysveld of GBMC, is filled with concrete advice and illustrations of what to do and what not to do, and aims at giving foreign business executives the necessary background and “toolkit” for succeeding in their “Japan cross-cultural adventure”. After all, for curious and outward looking minds, this really could be fun!

It is specifically targeted at:
•Non-Japanese business executives working for Japanese companies, either in Japan or abroad (in branches or subsidiaries established outside Japan).
•Non-Japanese business executives approaching or dealing with the Japanese Market.
•Non-Japanese business executives or foreign expatriates working for foreign companies established in Japan.
•Anyone with a real interest in communicating and interacting better with the Japanese in general.

The reader equipped with all the tools and tips I have developed in this book should definitely “perform better” when confronted with a Japanese prospect, potential business partner or “boss”. Being well prepared for future Japan-related business opportunities is of the most importance now that an EPA in principle (Economic Partnership Agreement) has been concluded between the EU and Japan!”


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With a double Engineering and Business background, holder of a MBA from Kyoto University, after 15 years+ as a Senior Executive, Philippe Huysveld is now a Business & Management Consultant. Founder of GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting), speaking Japanese, his main domain of business is Europe-Japan Consulting.

Philippe Huysveld is an (Independent) Japan Expert registered as such at the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation (, for which he has written various Market Reports about Business in Japan and in Europe.

In addition to Consulting, he has lectured on «The History of the Japanese Economy» and on «Social Structures of Japan» at the Cergy-Pontoise University (in the Paris area), within the Master Program in Languages and International Trade – Japanese Markets option.

As a speaker and cross-cultural trainer, Philippe Huysveld also gives seminars/conferences about Japan, as well as leading workshops on «Business Relations with Japan», for various European Economic Agencies or in Business Schools, such as the Vesalius College in Brussels.

Besides various papers and reports about Japan and the Europe-Japan relations, he is also the author of the following five (e)Books:

- Lecture Economique de l’Histoire du Japon, Play & Amazon, 3rd edition, February 2017 (137 pages eBook) (Internet Link:

- The Ultimate Survival Guide for Business in Japan, Lulu/KOBO/Google Play/ iBook store & Amazon, 2nd edition, May 2015 (156 pages eBook) (Internet Link:

- MOSAICA JAPONICA: Lecture Culturelle du Japon socio-économique, Play & Amazon, 2nd edition, February 2017 (182 pages eBook) (Internet Link:économique/ebook/product-22618905.html)

- Chronique du Japon des Années 90, Play & Amazon, 1st edition, February 2017 (182 pages eBook) (Internet Link:ées-90/ebook/product-23072942.html)

- Mastering Japan Business, Play & Amazon, 1st edition, February 2017 (182 pages eBook) (Internet Link:


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