Kischart publicizes the launch of its portal dedicated to offering stock trading tips

Kirk Allen, the founder CEO of, has built up a vast and steadfast clientele base by consistently providing timely, relevant, and reliable guidelines for investing and trading in stocks.

For Immediate Press Release 21st August 21, 2018 Denver, CO, USA-The temptation to make or earn a handsome amount on a recurring basis tempts innumerable working and retired professionals in the US to start trading in stocks. Individuals who have lost a fortune in their investment portfolios or through IRA/401k accounts, retrenched employees, widows, widowers, single parents, and sole breadwinners with families comprise the bulk of stock market investors. Nevertheless, dabbling in stock markets can be a risky proposition, especially for greenhorn traders and investors who have just started out on the learning curve. Kirk Allen, CEO, founder, and owner of KIS Chart Analysis LLC, is a highly qualified and seasoned investor who has helped numerous individuals master the nitty-gritty of stock trading.

Allen has hosted a portal, through which he assists numerous clients to trade in shares of multinational corporations and organizations as well as exchange-traded funds or ETFs. Kirk, after earning a MBA (Finance) degree, had made it his career goal to become an extraordinarily successful investor. Prospective traders or investors who are serious about gaining a toehold in the leading US stock markets can log in at the aforementioned site for becoming acquainted with stock trading/investment tips. Majority of Allen’s customers include those who have resigned from their mundane jobs to become fulltime investors; individuals desirous of becoming financially stable; individuals and couples looking for a nest egg post retirement, and those looking to supplement their income in order to pay for education, purchase a house, or take a vacation.

KIS Chart Analysis is devoted to offering handy and opportune trading tips in the form of intuitive chart analysis and patterns that could a long way in enabling its subscribers to attain financial self-sufficiency and freedom. An interested trader can become a community member by registering to receive the newsletter which contains updates of stock market transactions and analysis. The newsletter offers unlimited opportunities to become familiar with the KIS Chart’s trading approach and philosophy as well as practical investment techniques.

One can opt for a two-week trial offer (free of cost) that will educate first –time traders on how to invest effectively through a range of versatile verticals. These include cup and handle chart patterns, flat base, rectangle patterns, flag patterns, Bollinger bands, Japanese candlesticks, bump and run reversals, rounding bottoms, rectangles, price channels, and much more. Kirk routinely provides tips on how to secure capital, following market trends, and focusing on selling. The newbie trader will be able to monitor the risks vis-à-vis reward proportions depending on market situation by using simple arithmetic. The investor can also bet on high probability trading (with minimal risk entry points) by comprehending chart movements and research analysis.

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KIS Chart Analysis LLC, based in Denver, Colorado is committed to offering useful tips and guidelines on how to wisely trade in company shares and ETFs.

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