Austin Property Managers Set To Improve Vacancy Rates

By driving more prospective renters to their website, Rave Property Management will be delivering lower vacancy rates to investors.

September 5, 2018 (FPRC) -- With more than a 15% increase in traffic to their website over the last 2 months, these property managers in Georgetown, TX are set to fill vacancies faster and deliver a higher ROI to rental owners.

After updating their website and putting a strategic effort into their online search presence, Rave is set to continue improving the amount of website traffic they are receiving each month. They plan to continue this project for the next 3-4 months, and they believe by the end of this, they will have improved traffic by more than 50%.

“We know that by increasing the traffic to our site, we are directly influencing the amount of eyes that see our properties for rent. This turns into less vacancies, and higher returns to our clients” says Landon Murie, a member of the marketing team for Rave, a property management company in Round Rock, TX.

How does this work? By increasing the amount of renters and property owners finding their website, this directly translates to more inquiries and showings of vacant rentals.

"Rave is dedicated to investing in the technology and online search strategies that will yield greater returns to property owner clients. By making this investment, our service level will remain top-notch and our clients will continue to be thrilled with our efforts" says Landon.

Rave's website features pages that are dedicated to available rental properties, showcasing these front and center for prospective renters who are searching online. This feature, coupled with the 15% increase in website traffic, will be driving up returns for clients of Rave for months and years to come.

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