Book Uses Scripture and Technology to Reveal Trinity’s Mystery and Prove Life Begins at Conception

“The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed” by author T. R. Bosse is an assemblage of verifiable Scripture passages and modern-day technology to validate the Trinity as completely comprehensible and life begins at conception.

September 19, 2018 (FPRC) -- Author T.R. Bosse did not realize the value of his find after spending nearly ten years in search of a missing piece of the puzzle related to the Virgin Birth. His discovery not only revealed Trinity’s so-called mystery but also proves that life begins at conception.

Church leaders have long considered the Trinity an everlasting mystery. However, T. R. Bosse’s recently published book by Dove & Word Publishing prove those convictions wrong. “The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed” is a dynamic work of excellence and one of the greatest revelations in Christianity’s history. It provides solidly researched answers to impart complete comprehension to the Trinity and provides evidence to the crucial question concerning when life begins.

The book turns one of the most difficult subjects into simple understanding. It details everything about the Trinity from Adam & Eve to the seed of the Holy Ghost and beyond. The book also has a bonus as it proves through Scripture passages and modern-day physiology that life begins at conception. Meanwhile, the Trinity, for the first time, is showcased as fully comprehensible to the extent that it answers every question ever asked about the topic.

Much research went into writing this book. “The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed” took nearly seventeen years from the time the author received a revelation until the book finally became published. Bosse noted, "Seventeen years is a short time-span when compared to 2000 years. Many Church leaders searched diligently for answers with little success, but the problem had nothing to do with those individuals or lack of Scripture. No one could have realized the full comprehension of the Trinity no matter how long they searched. It was virtually impossible without help from modern technology; particularly details embedded within the field of health.” Bosse added this reminder, “Remember, technical advancement was hidden from the earlier Church fathers because such knowledge only came on the scene within the past 50–100 years.”

“The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed” is an exclusive book that fully uncovers and removes all mystic from Christianity’s most significant doctrine. Everything in the book is backed and verified by biblical facts and health field technology.

About the Author:

T. R. Bosse is an Air Force veteran and the founder of Dove & Word Ministries. He is a Church Administrator, a Nursing Home Ministry Director and an avid student of the Bible for over 42 years.

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