Save Your Space With Café Arrangers : The Best Handmade Wooden Storage, Open at 28th Janunary Monday on INDIEGOGO.

Café Arrangers are the best handmade, practical wood organizer for easy organization of goods for various uses. Check our new product please, we are going to open our INDIEGOGO project at 28th January Monday.

South Korea, Jan 24th, 2019 -- We created the CAFÉ ARRANGERS through a desire to combine organization, convenience, and beauty. Our CAFÉ ARRANGERS are suitable for any space, such as the home, office, hospital, store, cafeteria, and so on. Furthermore they could be available for your business uses too. Because we prepared TWO VERSION for the personal uses and the business uses.

To make it easy to keep enough of these items in one as spot, we created CAFÉ ARRANGERS to help you make your space neat and tidy. To this end, CAFÉ ARRANGERS allows you to store your goods in the most convenient way possible.

You might see similar products in a cafeteria to our Café Arrangers, but they are mostly made of plastic or some type of metal or cheap wooden. One day, we just thought that it would be good if we could make them from good wood, 'rubber wood'. Because we are very good at making products with woods. We focused on using NATURAL MATERIALS which are like woods and natural oil for the finish on the wood.

This project was conducted by Choi Jung-hee, a creator (named COSCAT) and by Orientypes, a small startup. From the beginning of prototype production, Orientypes was in charge of the market research and product concept consulting, while Choi Jung-hee was in charge of manufacturing actual wooden organizer, CAFÉ ARRANGERS. In the first place, while discussing what we could do together, it was unexpectedly mixed and the launch of new products came together.

About Orientypes and creator, Choi Jung Hee
Orientypes is a small startup in South Korea which has been working with Design IT service with Asian culture themes since August 2014 and has extensive experience with DESIGN ON DEMAND products. And a creator, Choi Jung Hee. She is very talented and has more than 7 years experiences on the filed of WOODCRAFT. After we created this new product together and then Orientypes took it upon to create this INDIEGOGO page to help jumpstart the project.

Yoonah Kim, CEO of Orientypes

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